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Making Prostitution Legal and College More Affordable for Girls

Previously published on Al Fin, You Sexy Thing! Mes chères études (2010) Making ends meet while going to college can be very difficult for young girls, who have often not lived away from home before going to university. California coeds … Continue reading

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German Government Murdering Germany’s Power Grid

Successive German governments have paid out generous subsidies to develop wind, solar and biomass power generation capacity. This has guaranteed producers fixed prices and given green power priority access on transmission grids. As a result, German renewable power generation capacity … Continue reading

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Einstein’s Brain Was Different in Important Ways

First published on Al Fin Longevity One of the more tragic aspects of human existence is the common loss of the brain’s mental powers, just when a person has experienced enough of life to begin putting many of the pieces … Continue reading

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Is Mainland China Catching “Shale Gas Fever?”

The US is off and running with its huge shale oil & gas resources. An energy renaissance for the US may be in the making for both hydrocarbons and nuclear power, if the US government only allows it to happen. … Continue reading

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Antarctic Station Survival: Modular Units on Skis

A new type of Antarctic research station appears to be more likely to survive the harsh polar conditions over a longer period of time, than its predecessors. Accumulating snow and ice along with movement of ice toward the sea, have … Continue reading

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Human Ritual; Don’t Throw Out the Baby with the Bath Water

Modern societies are discarding past human rituals at an accelerating — perhaps a reckless — rate.  But there is much human wisdom embedded in past ritual.  We should be careful not to throw out essential wisdoms in our frantic attempts … Continue reading

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Philosophy is for Thinkers; Ideology is for Stinkers

This article is adapted from an earlier posting on Al Fin, the Next Level Philosophy encourages participation in discussions in order to strengthen their theories and explanations. On the other hand, ideology does not encourage discussions of any sort that … Continue reading

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Science: For Sceptics Only

First published on Al Fin Science is impossible without a healthy scepticism, along with a voracious appetite for data — and data transparency. Climate sceptics, for example, demand a higher level of evidence to support “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming,” before … Continue reading

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We Are Marching to Utopia . . . We Will Soon Be There!

Originally published on Al Fin …optimists and idealists — with their ignorance about the truths of human nature and human society, and their naive hopes about what can be changed — have wrought havoc for centuries….instead of utopian efforts to … Continue reading

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I Chose the Wrong Century to Believe in Peak Oil Doom

Previously published on Al Fin Energy …Peak Oil catastrophism is largely a manifestation of our primary cultural myth: that all things end with suffering, death, and then resurrection. Belief in apocalypse is programmed into western civilization. Given our heritage, “the … Continue reading

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Essential Thinking Skills for Dangerous Children

Humans cannot perceive reality directly. Instead, the outside world is filtered through our various senses. Significant filtering and pre-processing occur in the sensory organs themselves. Inside the brain, “primary” areas are devoted to each of the senses, where further filtering … Continue reading

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Black People: Can They Be Trusted?

Can Black People Be Trusted? Yes. Like other people black people can be trusted to be who they are. The problem of living in a multicultural society is that one cultural group may not have a good understanding of what … Continue reading

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