Interracial Violent Crime a Growing Worry

When reading the content below, consider which society would likely fare better in the face of these trends: A society such as the UK, where defending oneself against an attack is considered a crime, or a society of Dangerous Children, trained from the earliest age to be situationally aware and to take care of themselves in a wide range of circumstances?

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Violent crime rates in US cities are rising again, after a respite of almost 20 years. A spike in violent assaults is largely responsible for the rise.

One of the most striking aspects of the recent spike in US violent crimes is the inter-racial aspect of the phenomenon. Respected economist and author Thomas Sowell — a black man himself — asserts that a censored race war against whites is taking place in US cities. DOJ crime statistics appear to support that assertion, if one looks beneath the veneer.

Not only is the U.S. economy in shambles, violent crime is at an all-time high and new federal statistics show that 2011 saw the biggest increase in criminal activity in nearly two decades with a large boost in the rate of “violent victimizations” for whites. _JudicialWatch

In several locations, an alarming rise in black hate crimes against whites and asians is raising racial fears to new levels.

Some people may remember the infamous “Zebra Killings” in the San Francisco bay area of the 1970s. Violent black groups in the bay area specifically targeted whites for killing — as a form of initiation, as well as an irrational form of retribution for actions decades or centuries old.

The mentality behind the Zebra Killings never actually went away. In fact, the ideas that fuel black hatred against whites and asians in the US, has become more broadly generalised and institutionalised in churches, special K-12 through university schools, special curricula within mainstream K-12 through university schools, and in ethnic and mainstream media. Such hatred is also often transmitted from mother to sons, from the cradle onward — similar to the way that Palestinain youth are programmed from infancy to hate Jews.

An interesting 2011 paper titled: “Crime in Europe and the US Dissecting the Reversal of Fortunes” (PDF), Attempts to explain the apparent contradictory trends in violent crive rates — where European crime rates were rising, and US crime rates had been dropping for almost 20 years.

Although the last two years are seeing an uptick in violent assault in the US, it is worth looking at the reasons the researchers gave for changing trends in violent crime rates.

They looked at the influence of:

  1. demographic changes,
  2. incarceration,
  3. abortion,
  4. unemployment
  5. immigration

on crime.

We find that the demographic structure of the population and the incarceration rate are important determinants of crime. Our results suggest that a tougher incarceration policy may be an effective way to contrast crime in Europe. _Contrasting Crime Trends in Europe and the US (PDF)

It is odd that the authors of the study did not suggest stricter immigration control for Europe as well, given their findings. It is difficult to overcome over half a century of draconian political correctness, however.

Ignoring the issue of violent crime will not make it go away. The alarming rise in black hate crimes against whites and asians — and sometimes hispanics — suggests that the two most politically correct population groups are also the most victimised. Whites and asians are also the groups with the lowest fertility rates — suggesting that the victimisation of these populations at the hands of young black males may be just beginning.

A similar future for aging populations of whites in Europe is likely, as immigrant groups from underperforming tribal third world areas replace more and more of the former native populations.

European crime rates will continue to rise so long as immigration remains open to high crime demographic groups. And unfortunately, crime rates in the US under President Obama are beginning to shoot up once again.

US crime rates may well have been artificially suppressed by ambitious officials and bureaucrats in law enforcement, but in such situations the reality eventually breaks through.

This problem has been endemic in the US for almost 50 years, but is an emerging problem in Europe, Canada, Australia, and other previously peaceful locations. Things are likely to get much worse.

Location is key. If you and your family want to live in as safe an area as possible, identify the high crime demographic populations — then put a prudent distance between them and yourselves.

More information on interracial crime taken from US Justice Dept statistics.

Documentation and complete sources for statistics and methods found in “Color of Crime.

Another partial archive of recent violent black racism and hatred against other races.

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