Blacks and Violence: Is It In the Genes?

Genes and Violence: The Map Suggests Places to Look for Violent Genes

The problem of race-based violent crime is not likely to go away any time soon, in North America, Europe, or Oceania. In fact, a previous article here quoted the eloquent black American author Thomas Sowell as claiming that blacks in America are carrying out a covert race war against whites and asians.

Over at the original Al Fin blog, I looked at the question: “Why are Blacks so Violent?,” suggesting that variants in the MAOA gene promoter region might explain some of the differences in violent crime rates between races.

Another good look at the MAOA “violent gene” controversy can be found at the blog The Unsilenced Science. Several useful links to scientific studies are provided. Still more on MAOA from Wikipedia.

In a later posting at Al Fin, Oh Those Violent Genes, I looked at the topic of genes and violence in both a deeper and broader way. MAOA is clearly an important gene to study with respect to violent crime and race/genetics, but apparently there are others that may ultimately explain as much of the genetic causes of violent crime as the MAOA gene.

The North American news media continues to obscure the many murderous acts of violence being committed by blacks against whites on a regular basis. But in the age of the internet and social media, that type of news censorship is becoming more difficult for the skankstream. Most Americans understand where the greatest threat of violence lies, at least in urban areas. Which is why most Americans refuse to give up their rights to legally own firearms — and why more of them are choosing to get concealed carry permits, when they work and travel in cities.

As long as Americans are able to efficaciously protect themselves against deadly force, the likelihood of an actual overt race war in America is very small. It is only if champions of government oppression such as President Obama have their way — and are able to legally confiscate citizens’ private firearms of self-protection — that Americans should worry about the covert race war heating up and becoming more open.

Should that happen, all bets would be off.

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