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Where Does Al Fin Fit in the Dark Enlightenment?

As you can see from the images above and below, “The Dark Enlightenment” is not a simple movement. The image above divides the movement into 9 different categories, listing some of the members of the individual groupings. The Venn diagram … Continue reading

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Try Not to Be Too Surprised

Everything changes. Experience (and Robert Burns) tells us that the plans we make are often thwarted by unexpected events. Wise persons will take precautions against unpleasant surprises in their immediate and general vicinities. The first level of defence is “situational … Continue reading

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Are You the Master of Your Own Domain?

Probably not. Consider: 90% of the cells in your body are non-human. The 23,000 human genes in your body are outnumbered by millions of microbial genes, doing who knows what. The variety of microbe species that lives on and inside … Continue reading

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Everything You Think You Know Just Ain’t So Part III

One popular delusion among leftist greens is that industrial wind farms and giant solar arrays will soon replace coal, nuclear, and gas power plants in modern societies. In this case, as in many others, everything they think they know just … Continue reading

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There is No Such Thing As a “Fair Fight”

If you search the internet for information on teaching your children to fight, you are likely to be supplied with an overload of articles on “How to teach your children to fight fair.” We know that there are rules of … Continue reading

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Never Too Late to Have a Dangerous Childhood

Modern children are typically pampered and sheltered from most of the harsher realities of life. This is a relatively good thing for infants, toddlers, and most kindergartners. But as a child grows older and more independent, he will spend more … Continue reading

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Attack Proofing: A Useful Skill for the Dangerous Child

Previously published on Al Fin, the Next Level The clip above depicts John Perkins with different students, demonstrating the “contact flow” quasi-sparring method of training. Perkins is the developer of the “Attack Proof” method of self defence. Notice how the … Continue reading

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A Critical Goal: Preventing Old Age Dementias

What good is it to live a long and healthy life, if your brain turns to mush between the age of 65 and 75? May as well die at the age of 60, shot by a jealous husband while exiting … Continue reading

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Wind Farm Intermittency Comes to the New York Times

The concept of industrial wind farm intermittency has come to the New York Times. The NYT piece describes a small portion of the immense problem that industrial wind farms pose to vital electrical power utilities in the modern world. Simply … Continue reading

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Hit Girl vs. Hanna vs. Charles Bronson’ Death Wish

People get all kinds of strange ideas when they first hear about the concept of “The Dangerous Child.” Modern entertainment-saturated people get many of their ideas about hypothetical personalities or characters from fiction — novels, TV, movies, comics, etc. Two … Continue reading

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Getting Started Early: Sensitive Periods of Childhood Development

The human brain undergoes periods of massive growth, followed by periods of pruning and selection between neuronal groups — beginning during embryonic development and continuing through the first few years of life, and again around adolescence. The brain reaches its … Continue reading

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11 Reasons Why Obama’s America Needs More Dangerous Children

Different countries of the world have different levels of need for more Dangerous Children. Inside Obama’s America, the need for Dangerous Children is spreading quickly, and growing more urgent by the day. The following article excerpt was originally published in … Continue reading

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Dangerous Child: FAQs

What is a Dangerous Child, anyway? A dangerous child is someone who has discovered how to plot his own course in life, and who has acquired the life skills he needs to move steadily toward his goals. Why do you … Continue reading

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Windows Into the Next Level

Brian Wang points to an interesting look at 3D printing of living human tissue for organ and tissue replacement. The scientists in the article point out a crucial fact: the object that emerges from the 3D tissue printing process is … Continue reading

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When Children Were Expected to be Dangerous

In the early days of the US republic, children — like the nation into which they were born — emerged into an environment of seemingly endless possibilities. In that exciting but dangerous world, many children did not live to adulthood. … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Child: Some Basic Concepts

The main purpose of this blog is to lay out my ideas for “The Dangerous Child Method of Education and Child-Raising.” The basic outline of “The Dangerous Child” is still naturally seen as quite vague by most readers. This posting … Continue reading

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Violent Black Flash Mobs Continue Under Media Smokescreen

“Under the tenure of president Obama, we have noticed a marked increase in racial tension and these types of flash mob robs; which usually entails a group of twenty to thirty black teenagers converging on a retail store all at … Continue reading

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Genetics and Intelligence: A Forbidden Topic?

Intelligence has a substantial but mysterious genetic component1. Studies in twins indicate that genetic factors should explain significantly more than half of the variation in adult general intelligence — the abstract quantity measured in IQ tests. This, in turn, correlates … Continue reading

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