Violent Black Flash Mobs Continue Under Media Smokescreen

“Under the tenure of president Obama, we have noticed a marked increase in racial tension and these types of flash mob robs; which usually entails a group of twenty to thirty black teenagers converging on a retail store all at once, then taking as much as they can from the shelves and walking out without paying. This is something that strikes fear into any retail store owner because it cannot be controlled. By the time the police come, usually half-an-hour later, they are all gone.

The brazen crime, has no qualms about closed circuit television, and the black teens seem to revel in being filmed committing their flash robberies. What is even more odd, is how the media portrays these crimes. The gangs of ‘young people’ and ‘teen mobs’ are actually ‘African Americans’ and anyone in America who hears these news reports knows exactly what they’re talking about.” __

These attacks are taking place from Philadelphia to Chicago to Los Angeles, and are now occurring more frequently in New York City.

Violent flash mob attack in LA, July 2013

Mob attack in Fairfax, Virginia July 2013

Electronically facilitated violent black flash mob attacks burst onto the public scene in 2010/2011, and have expanded to more urban areas since then. National mainstream media outlets have clamped down on coverage, perhaps to placate the Obama administration, but local media outlets continue to report on these events.

The problem has become so blatant that the SPLC — a left wing attack group — was forced to do a story on the phenomenon. Since that initial report, the SPLC has largely censored further reporting on the phenomenon in favour of its quasi-fictitious reports on phantom right wing hate groups.

Of course hate groups exist on all sides of every political, religious, and racial issue. It would be nice if the “hate division” of the SPLC were to report more objectively on all perpetrators of hate attacks. But if they were to do that, they would probably lose most of their funding.

Chicago is becoming a common site for violent black flash mob attacks.

The video below reports on some standard flash mob attacks, then ends on a somewhat enigmatic — if deeply disturbing — note. We can hope that things are not heading in the direction portrayed by the short video.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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