There is No Such Thing As a “Fair Fight”

If you search the internet for information on teaching your children to fight, you are likely to be supplied with an overload of articles on “How to teach your children to fight fair.”

We know that there are rules of international warfare, and every organised fighting league has rules to govern fighting for participants. But what if your kid is faced with bullies on the schoolyard — or more commonly, entire gangs of school-aged thugs on the schoolbus or school grounds? There are no rules or “fair fights” in a street fight.

If you had to protect your child from some mutant you would fight much differently than if you were in a ring or “Octagon.” Sports and MMA have rules and people train hard to excel within these parameters. Unfortunately, the way you train is the way you fight.

Remember, your #1 goal is to SURVIVE and that means to ESCAPE and run like hell if you can. If you have to fight to escape, know this well: in a real attack, ANYTHING can and will happen. Whether it’s Tai Chi, Ju Jitsu, JKD or Karate, patterned or sport-based technique training is a prescription for disaster.

What are the rules for a “fair fight” in such a situation?


Kids Self Defense tactics #1

RUN as soon as you see any kind of danger. Leave EVERYTHING BEHIND and run. Use the environment to your advantage. Disappear behind some obstacle, hide among the people, anything would help. Create DISTANCE between you and assailant!

Kids Self Defense tactics #2

SCREAM OUT LOUD! But forget on common loud. People are numb to common child scream. Try sentences like “I don’t know you!”, “That is not my daddy!”, “Stranger! Abusing me!” …Let people around know that you are IN DANGER!

Kids Self Defense tactics #3

Run towards any source of HELP – group of adults, cop, any people around..

Kids Self Defense tactics #4

Throw anything you got to your assailant’s legs. School bag, books, overturn the dustbin …just do anything to gain some time and slow the guy down. Every second you win more is worth treasure.

Kids Self Defense tactics #5

When being caught, just make it as hard as possible for the one holding you. Twist, bite, scratch in the eyes, turn… just move and don’t stop. Make your self a hard target to get.

Nice tactics when being lifted is to mimic the running. Just run and turn. This makes it very hard to keep strong hold.

Kids Self Defense tactics #6

Fight for as much time as possible. You need time to raise your chances for the help to come, what means for the assailant to have a bigger chance to be caught. As I said before – SCREAM like hell and try to draw attention on what is happening to you.

Kids Self Defense tactics #7

Buy your kid a cell phone (mobile phone) and program your phone numbers under each keyboard button, so the dial would be easier and shorter. Teach your kids to call you whenever they feel they are in danger. Mobile phone is a modern weapon for general self defense and people forget to use it.

Teach your child NOT TO TRUST ANY STRANGERS. They should never ever believe any one they, and especially you as a parent, don’t know. Never ever go anywhere with them.

If they would listen to scum bags and go with them somewhere, there is a chance they will be dragged somewhere in a car or elsewhere.

Kids Self Defense tactics #8

Give your child a PERSONAL ALARM or a SAFETY WHISTLE. This is good for getting attention of other people. Personal alarms are very loud so it can be heard on a very long distance.

Kids Self Defense tactics #9

If your kid is put somewhere near the keys from the car’s ignition, tell them to grab them and TOSS OUT OF THE WINDOW.

Kids Self Defense tactics #10

When being kept on a back seat or in a room, don’t forget to USE THE CELL PHONE (mobile phone). Dial the number and put it in your pocket. Them try to DESCRIBE the WAY and the PLACE are going to. Use sentences like: “Baker street? (simply the name of the street) – Where are we going?!” or “Old hangar? (some description of the place).. What is this place?”

Kids Self Defense tactics #11

Buy your kid a spare cell phone (mobile phone). If your kid will be taken, he/she might be searched for this device. These days you can buy very tiny and cheap cells with only the function of phoning and texting. That is a beautiful thing …you can call it a concealed weapon.

If the common cell will be separated from your child, he/she may have another one with which you can be contacted lately.

…You better understand that kids are different and need to be taught more specific systems of self defense.
___Ask the streetfighter

Those rules are appropriate for smaller children, in situations where escape makes more sense than direct confrontation.

Sometimes uncontrolled confrontations are unavoidable. What are the rules for street fighting? The following set of rules is one person’s take on the subject. Do not take anything as gospel. Try to do your research before you find yourself caught in such a “no-win” situation, where violence will be done, and the most you can hope to do is to escape without disabling injuries.

An interesting take on fighting to survive in a modern society that values political correctness above the survival and well-being of its citizens:

• If you use a knife on your attacker, in most states in the U.S. you are already a criminal.

• A knife in the hands of your attacker makes him an instant 50th degree Black Belt. Despite all the martial arts mythology and movie-making, there is no completely effective defense against a knife. You can improve your odds slightly but remember, unlike on TV, there’s a million ways you can be hacked up with a knife.

• In real life, practically no one will ever attack you the way it’s demonstrated in 99% of martial art schools.

• If you have to save your life, you’d better not grapple your attacker or engage in any other kind of sport-based nonsense. Every additional second you are connected to your attacker you are closer to dying…or becoming a criminal yourself.

• If you make the mistake of “fighting” some guy, you can be sure you’ll be “fighting” his buddies also. Prepare to be stomped to death. Every additional second you “fight” exposes you to more assailants and potential weapons that you will not survive no matter how “badass” you think you are.

• If in the process of fighting your way free you maim or kill your attacker, you will have to live with that the rest of your life. This can potentially create in the prison of your mind a worse hell than anything you may face for real. PTSD is real and some of the toughest cops and soldiers suffer from it. It had better have been worth it. It helps if you’ve adopted a philosophy of avoiding violence as opposed to macho-posturing. Then, when you have to turn it loose…you really will. There’ll be no moral ambiguity (but even then, don’t expect the law to see it that way).

• Educate yourself about your rights as a victim, the law’s view of “appropriate uses of force,” and the ramifications of ignoring them.

Avoid all fights at all costs. Escape is always the #1 priority. Fight only if you think you’re going to be killed that second. Not threatened or insulted. Then escape. _Ugly Truths About Self Defense

Contrast the hard-headed approach above with the list of “rules of street fighting” below. Consider which approach might be more realistic for most people caught in a bad situation not of their own choice.


1. Always look at your opponent, to see what is he doing, and what does he have in his hands.

2. Always protect your face, jaws with your fists. Don’t let your hands down.

3. Never try some fancy spinning kick what you see in the movies. They don’t work.

4. Aim for the nose, eyes, jaws, ears. Dont hit them on the chest, shoulders, etc.

5. After you throw a punch, pull back your hand into defense immediately.

6. Have a stable stance. Feel your balance. If your enemy knock you on the ground, he can kick you in the head, or stomp on you.

7. If you get on the ground, try to get up, as fast as you can.

8. Watch your back. You never have only one opponent. He ALWAYS have some friends around.

9. When you finished the job, leave the scene immediately. Don’t call the police, don’t call the ambulance. You can do it when you’re at home, safe.

10. If your opponent pulls out a knife, then RUN! Knives are the most dangerous weapons in a street fight. The most dangerous, but not the most useful. So knives aren’t good for self-defense, but good for killing.

11. Punch with power. Knock him out, don’t just make him angry.

12. Even if you’re good at martial arts, don’t think that you’re invincible. I’ve seen professional fighters got beaten up by regular thugs.

13. Never open your mouth, because when your mouth is open, it’s much easier for him to break your teeth or jaws.

14. Get a gun.

15. Try to avoid street fights. ___Rules for Streetfighting

We recommend that you obtain a wide range of opinions on street fighting before you feel that you can know what to expect in such an accidental circumstance. Best to be situationally aware, and to avoid dangerous situations if you can.

But what if the worst happens, and you are forced to injure or kill someone to protect yourself or loved ones. In some locations, a court of law may see your case differently than you do, and you may find yourself in prison for doing what you felt was the right thing.

What are the rules for “fighting fair” should you find yourself behind bars someday, for whatever reason? How would you survive?

Get used to the new rules. Above all, remember that the normal rules of the outside world simply don’t apply any longer. When you’re in prison, you’re living on a different planet where all that matters to you is surviving the experience with as little damage as possible.

…Keep a low profile and try to blend into the background when you are in prison. Stay under the radar of guards and other prison employees. Basically, don’t draw attention to yourself if you can avoid it. Remember that the nail that stands out gets hammered in. Watch and learn.

…You can be attacked anywhere in the prison, though usually it will happen in a place where there is no direct surveillance by guards, e.g., a corridor. Obviously, you could be attacked in a cell, though a classic place for an attack is the toilet or shower, when you are distracted. An attacker can seize a time-window of just 30 seconds to attack you, then walk away nonchalantly. So, watch their hands because that’s where the attack comes from. If someone has their hands in their pockets or behind their back, they could be concealing an improvised weapon such as a home-made knife. Don’t let yourself get backed into a corner where you have no escape route away from your attacker.

…More at ___ Wikihow

In short, there are no rules for fair fighting in prison, there is only survival. But there are norms of behaviour which one should observe to avoid becoming a target unnecessarily.

In truth, more and more western cities are growing multiple “no-go zones,” where the rules of behaviour and survival resemble many of the rules of prison life. In many of these no-go zones, a large number of the “leading citizens of the community” learned how to be men and how to fight, behind bars.

As I recommended on New Year’s Day 2013, Always Carry (at least) 10 Concealed Weapons. The more closely your “weapons” resemble ordinary non-lethal objects of everyday use, the better.

Mosquito Gun, A Concealed Carry That Annoys Your Opponent

Learn to use everyday objects as weapons, if only to give yourself and your companions time to reach a safe place. Take an inventory of your assets and liabilities in that regard, and keep a running tally. Monitor ongoing events and situations in your immediate and extended vicinity, and alter your plans accordingly. Try to keep your companions apprised of potential problem situations, and make sure they are up to possible challenges before you set out.

In many cities and towns, life is becoming increasingly dangerous. Keep in mind that there are no “fair fight rules” on the street, and it seems the same is becoming true on more schoolbuses and school grounds.

It is never too late to have a dangerous childhood.

Survival is not Politically Correct — but it is mandatory in order to reach the next level.

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