Don’t Raise Your Children to be Wage Slaves

There are a number of disadvantages to working at a job, that is, working for a company or for someone else. Job security is never perfect, and in the days of Obama, uncertainty is an unwelcome guest in a growing number of households. Not to mention that you are usually working to someone else’s schedule.

The excerpt below is written by the editor of Survival Pulse and appears in Survival Blog:

Employees working at large companies are required to have little or no understanding of how their company operates as a whole.

Like any specialized tool, many employees have become useful for only one thing. This presents a real problem for workers who get laid off or fired, because finding another job with a specialized skill set can be a difficult task.

Today … I would like to explain how being self-employed in any type of business can improve your chances of survival if SHTF.

Reduce Your Risk of Job Loss – … Despite economic changes, businesses will always find ways to make a profit. It is the employee whose head is on the chopping block if things get tight. You can avoid the risk of being laid off or fired by creating your own income stream. While some people associate self-employment with risk, there is nothing more secure than not having to rely on someone else for your paycheck.

Understanding the Big Picture – Most individuals that spend their careers as employees have no idea what is required to make a business succeed. Business owners fully understand what it takes to make an idea come to life. While it might not seem like it matters, this ability allows an individual to have a more realistic perspective and become a better decision maker…

Providing Leadership in a Collapse – In a post-collapse world there will be an endless number of missions that need to be completed ranging anywhere from building latrines to guard duty. The unprepared masses will be lost and in need of direction. Being a prepared individual with leadership skills will make it easy for you to direct small groups toward accomplishing goals. Without leadership, even a small number of people can become chaotic very quickly.

Strengthened Resolve – On the way to building a successful business, entrepreneurs are met with constant setbacks and challenges. This forces the development of a “never give up” attitude and an underlying belief and confidence in oneself….

Post-Collapse Community Building – There is strength in numbers. Surviving any long term disaster will likely require small communities to form so that your entire group’s needs can be met. Having multiple people that are able to perform critical tasks within a community will also make the group more resilient in the event that something should happen to one or more of the group’s leading members.

By using business skills to build relationships and lead projects in a small community, you strengthen the bond between community members and help make friends out of people that might have been enemies if you hadn’t been there. Of course, this also means that you will be considered a valuable member of the community and have a whole group of people that are watching your back. __ Self Employment As a Form of Preparedness

Dangerous children are trained to be able to support themselves financially at least 3 different ways by the age of 18. For such a person, being fired or laid off from a job is only a temporary setback, if that. But for the unprepared, losing a job can hit a family with the wallop of a civil insurrection, or worse.

The difference being that instead of asking “what color is your parachute?” you may be asking “what color is your armored car?”

Life is full of surprises. Chance favors not only the prepared mind, but the prepared life as a whole — even the prepared family or community. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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2 Responses to Don’t Raise Your Children to be Wage Slaves

  1. mxlplktinifyinged says:

    Mr. Fin,

    I’ve heard you state this idea of being self-supporting 3 different ways by age 18 several times. Can you provide examples of possible sets of 3?

    Are thinking along the lines of [musician, shopkeeper, and small-plot farmer]. Or, more like [computer programmer, physician, mercenary]?


    • alfin2101 says:

      At 18 a youth does not need to support a family of 6, so earning 2 to 3 times minimum wage would support the emerging lifestyle of a Dangerous Child. This is quite possible with a wide range of occupational skills. If the Dangerous Child applies his entrepreneurial training to his occupational skills, he can multiply his income appreciably, with a concomitant investment of time and effort.

      Long term, the Child may wish to be a plastic surgeon, a brain researcher, a theoretical physicist, a large animal veterinarian, a specialist in international business law, a bestselling author, a freelance philosopher etc. etc. A Dangerous Child at 18, with multiple skills of value to society, is relatively resilient to an Obama depression or other natural disasters.

      The list of skills a Dangerous Child will have acquired at 18 is long, and will vary according to the talents, interests, and growing environment (climate, local economy, geography, etc) of the child. A list of random sets of 3 out of that unique list might be quite long, depending upon the child.

      Entrepreneurial opportunities for Dangerous Children are apt to be greater than for the average 18 year old, as investment funds within the greater community of Dangerous Children accumulate.

      Most Dangerous Children are likely to choose small business, independent contracting, or freelance opportunities to apply their skills. But working in a wage or salaried position for businesses or government may just as well provide early experience while working into a longer-term goal.

      A person may begin at 18 as an oilfield worker or construction worker (or electrician, plumber, communications cable specialist, HVAC installer, chef, riverboat crew, surveyor, etc etc) and be a multi-millionaire by age 40 via a variety of pathways.

      After generations of being dumbed down by government schools and mainstream media, the public imagination toward the potential of 18 year old youths has been somewhat blunted. Dangerous Children may well help to reverse that trend, at least among those who are paying attention.

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