Feynman Lectures on Physics Now Free Online

The excellent introductory lectures (vol I) on physics from Nobel prizewinner Richard Feynman are now available free online in HTML format at Feynmanlectures.info. (via Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor)

The lectures are available from two different servers: The Caltech server (faster), and the Feynman Lectures website server above.

Short Richard Feynman biography from Feynman.com

Feynman Physics Lectures on Video

Links to Richard Feynman video lectures on various topics, and other physics lectures

Feynman was an amazing phenomenon, well worth learning more about. He died prematurely from a malignant gastrointestinal tumour, which was a huge loss to science and the world at large. Anyone who takes the trouble to investigate Feynman’s life and work will see that I do not exaggerate in the slightest.

Feynman was of the highest caliber intellectually and morally as well. Over the years he acquired both scientific knowledge and wisdom. He loved people as fellows deserving of a common dignity, and the one way he knew to help humanity was to pass along whatever wisdom he’d been fortunate enough to accumulate, which consisted essentially of recognizing the kind of empowerment he had been fortunate enough to enjoy. His tales were the one gift he could give to everyone, not just fellow physicists… __ Feynman Bio

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