Are Blacks a Criminal Race?

No. Blacks are not a criminal race. Criminality is differently distributed across different populations, just as household income and IQ are differently distributed across different populations. Black people simply exhibit higher rates of criminality — statistically — than other population groups. This statistical fact should not be used to condemn blacks as a race.

Crime Rates by Race via Equally Happy

There is evidence that shows that blacks exhibit higher rates of most categories of violent and property crime — including hate crimes. A black judge in Atlanta — in the Fulton County Superior Court — says that blacks commit almost all crime in Atlanta, and he is fed up with it. London Metropolitan Police say that blacks are responsible for most violent crime in the city — despite blacks making up a very small proportion of the population.

Image via Equally Happy

The underlying causes for higher rates of crime by blacks certainly rest in both nurture and nature — heredity and environment. On the heredity side, black populations exhibit lower mean IQ and executive function (EF) — including impulse control. Both IQ and EF demonstrate between 50% and 80% heritability, and sometimes higher. On the environmental side, black children are more likely to be raised in an impoverished environment, without the necessary early intellectual stimulation and parental encouragement which is so vital to mental, emotional, and physical development of a child.

IQ by Ethnic Category

Racial gaps in IQ and executive function have been demonstrated for scores of years, and have proved quite stable over the years (PDF). This suggests a statistical stratification of aptitude by race. Whether such gaps can be narrowed and such stratification be blurred depends largely upon whether society faces these problems honestly — or whether western societies continue to deny and mis-classify these problems in a suicidal fit of political correctness. For those who are concerned about maximising the peaceful and productive potential of everyone, the modern descent into anti-scientific denialistic political correctness cannot help but be disturbing — guaranteeing more decades of unnecessary crime and suffering.

Homicide Rates by Nation

Color of Crime . . . US crime statistics by race, available as a free PDF download. As for you and your families, you do have control over where you choose to live and build connections with your community. Choose wisely, for the future of yourselves and your children.

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Al Fin Next Level comment: We are learning more about the genetics of violence, which should help to explain why some populations tend to be more violent than others. The media will not inform us about this crucially important information, which we need to understand in order to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. We will hear nothing about this life-saving information from professors in university, from popular authors in the press, from clergymen behind the pulpit, or from our officials and representatives in government. It is for us to watch out for ourselves in this day and age. Be careful. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a dangerous childhood.

Update: Yet another one-sided skirmish in the censored race war.

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One Response to Are Blacks a Criminal Race?

  1. Edward says:

    Environmental factors such as little or no parenting, no education, no moral standards of right and wrong, no respect for others, and no ability or drive for economic self sufficiency are ultimately products of a communal genetic inheritance. The attempt to divide nurture from nature is another attempt to water down the truth.

    “This statistical fact should not be used to condemn blacks as a race.” Why not? Free of sentimental irrational constraints, racial profiling is an intelligent response to the categories and tendencies easily visible in human nature. In fact the article concludes by encouraging the reader to choose ones neighbors wisely based upon the presented information.

    All races are criminal but some are more criminal than others.

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