When Is an Empire Not an Empire?

Ethnic Origins of US Counties Daily Mail

Ethnic Origins of US Counties
Daily Mail

The US is largely an ethnic melting pot of immigrants. The country acquired imperial holdings from Imperial Britain, Imperial Spain, Imperial France, Imperial Russia, and arguably Imperial Mexico (!).

These acquisitions were by way of both purchase, conquest, and purchase via threat of conquest. Other acquired imperial holdings — such as the Philippines and the Panama Canal Zone — have been relinquished to indigenous and quasi-indigenous populations.

By strict definition, every modern nation is an empire, being comprised of multiple component population groupings, former kingdoms, independent duchies, etc. But just as metaphors become “dead metaphors” through constant unconscious use, so do empires become “dead empires” through internal migration, interbreeding, and over time through political custom.

The “melting pot” aspect of US demographic history is illustrated in the article linked below:

  1. 49,206,934 Germans

    By far the largest ancestral group, stretching from coast to coast across 21st century America is German, with 49,206,934 people. The peak immigration for Germans was in the mid-19th century as thousands were driven from their homes by unemployment and unrest.

  2. 41,284,752 Black or African Americans

    The census map also identifies, Black or African-American as a term for citizens of the United States who have ancestry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  3. 35,523,082 Irish

    Another group who joined the great story of the United States were the Irish and the great famine of the 1840s sparked mass migration from Ireland.

    It is estimated that between 1820 and 1920, 4.5 million Irish moved to the United States and settled in the large cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco.

  4. 31,789,483 Mexican

    And from 1990 to 2000, the number of people who claimed Mexican ancestry almost doubled in size to 31,789,483 people.

  5. 26,923,091 English

    The next largest grouping of people in the United States by ancestry are those who claim to be English-American.

    Predominantly found in the Northwest and West, the number of people directly claiming to be English-American has dropped by 20 million since the 1980 U.S. Census because more citizens have started to identify themselves as American.

    They are based predominantly in the northeast of the country in New England and in Utah, where the majority of Mormon immigrants moved in the middle 19th century.

  6. 19,911,467 Americans
  7. 17,558,598 Italian

    One of the most influential nationalities to migrate in large numbers to the United States were the Italians.

    Between 1880 and 1920, more than 4 million Italian immigrants arrived in the United States forming ‘Little Italies’ wherever they went.

  8. 9,739,653 Polish

    The largest of the Slavic groups to live in the United States, Polish Americans were some of the earliest Eastern European colonists to the New World.

    Up to 2.5 million Polies came to the United States between the mid-19th century and World War 1 and flocked to the largest industrial cities of New York, Buffalo, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Chicago.

  9. 9,136,092 French

    Historically, along with the English, the French colonized North America first and successfully in the North East in the border areas alongside Quebec and in the south around New Orleans and Louisiana.


The concept of the “melting pot” applies to several aspects of assimilation — including the acceptance of laws, legal authority, and general behavioural customs. Interbreeding has also been a common feature of the US demographic melting pot.

The US melting pot began to fail when the “identity crusade” of new left multiculturalism took over American universities, media, government, and private foundations and political activist groups. Multicultural identity politics is a centrifugal force, leading to cultural disintegration of a society — and it is currently official and unofficial US policy.

When disintegrating policies such as identity multiculturalism are combined with the constant drumbeat of entitlement, victimhood, and “payback,” an undercurrent of resentment leading to violence is induced. Hence, the current, ongoing censored race war, identified by the prolific and eloquent African American author, economist, philosopher, and social scientist, Thomas Sowell.

The particular populations which led to a thriving US economy and rich civil society are shrinking. Other populations which account for a disproportionate share of US crime and US welfare dependency are growing. The demographics of the nation is skewing rapidly away from the characteristics which made the country powerful in the first place.

The nation is still the global centre for technology and scientific research, and advanced higher level education. But US government spending and regulation have grown to a strangulating extent, and it is not likely that the US can continue to play the dominating role that it has played over the past century. A global period of multiple, violently competing hegemonies is the likely result.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Whether you wish it or not, you will live in interesting times.

More: Other reasons why the melting point breaks down. (via hbdchick)

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