If Climate Change is a Scam, What is the Point of Intermittent Unreliable Green Energy?

As we receive more and better climate data, it is becoming obvious that by far most of the “climate change” of the past century has been due to natural cyclic fluctuations. In the face of overwhelmingly natural climate change, why are nations being compelled to risk their economies and power grids on unreliable intermittent exorbitantly expensive green energy? (Other than the fact that powerful political backers, activist groups, and other connected associates are heavily invested in the green scam, of course.)

After all these years, IPCC still doesn’t get it—we’ve been thawing out from the Little Ice Age for several hundred years but still are not yet back to pre-Little Ice Age temperatures that prevailed for 90% of the past 10,000 years. Warming and cooling has been going on for millions of years, long before CO2 could have had anything to do with it, so warming in itself certainly doesn’t prove that it was caused by CO2. __Don Easterbrook PhD

Even so, the European Union is determined to drive its member nations into economic insolvency, chasing the will of the wisp all the way down.

The European Commission (EC) has formally requested that Italy and Spain take action to bring their renewable energy laws into compliance with European directives, which require that nations source 20% of their total energy needs from renewables by 2020. __EnergyTribune

Northern Germany in December 2012 And the Wind to Load Mismatch

In about 20 pages of even handed analysis, David MacKay — a proponent of wind and solar — explains why we cannot expect to see the development of sufficient energy storage in the near to intermediate future to allow wind and solar to supply most of our energy.

More from the New York Times on “the storage problem:”

The biggest problem with solar panels and wind turbines is that they do not produce energy all the time.

So what is the solution?

Batteries. And other technologies that store energy to be released when it is needed.

… Batteries have been around a long while, but progress has been relatively limited when it comes to inexpensive, large-scale, durable applications.

“There’s got to be a recognition that there is no quick fix — that it is going to be a longer haul, partly because, yes, we should have done more before in this area,” said Dr. Bruce, of the University of St. Andrews. “You can only accelerate so fast.” __NYT

And that is what they have been saying for the past thirty to forty years. Meanwhile, growing numbers — into the tens of thousands — of rusting non-functional wind turbines are accumulating in the countryside with no end in sight. Taxpayers are forced to make up the loss. Soon, sprawling and broken solar installations will add to the massive junkyard.

Energy storage is too expensive to allow the rapid buildup of big wind and big solar installations.

More information can be found here and here.

Spain rushed full speed into big wind and big solar development, without understanding the underlying technical and economical details. The country is paying the price. Germany is attempting a similar putsch into the swamps of dependency on intermittent unreliables, and is beginning to feel tremors of mutiny from some of its key industries and power utilities. Germany’s energy consumers are paying increasingly high prices, and consequent suffering is acute — particularly among Germany’s less affluent.

Now, as we begin to understand that the global climate is far more complex than computer models — “the map is not the territory” — we should begin to question every single policy recommendation and spinoff that has come from the premature call to alarmism by the highly politicized IPCC. Which means that we must question the headlong rush into the intermittent unreliable green energy sources.

Stupid people do stupid things. Destroying one’s economy and industrial base out of an irrational and unsupported fear, would qualify as a stupid thing.

The fact that several billionaires who are closely connected to green politicians and national leaders have profited from this global scare-scam makes the entire issue all the more suspicious.

People are going to pay for all of this, and you are one of those people. How do you feel about that?

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4 Responses to If Climate Change is a Scam, What is the Point of Intermittent Unreliable Green Energy?

  1. Matt Musson says:

    What is the point of intermitant, unreliable, green energy?
    Why to make your supporters rich of course.

    • 1957chev says:

      Money has always been the issue. None of the windweasels give a damn about the environment. That is plain to see. Prison is where these miscreants belong.

  2. 1957chev says:

    Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    It’s always been about the money!

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