Abstaining from Electricity for Lent, When Lent Lasts All Year

In the modern age of risky green mandates, intermittent wind and solar energy are pushed onto the grid when available — then drop off of the grid at sporadic and unpredictable intervals. More reliable power plants capable of being turned on and off at will (gas, coal, hydro) must make up the difference, but in the setting of greater wind/solar penetration (above 10%), the hidden expenses of covering for the intermittent unreliables wind & solar causes premature aging of power plants and forces premature closures of the more reliable, gas and coal power plants. Too much of that erratic, destructively relentless “off and on,” and the entire system is put at risk.

When governments force electric power markets to accommodate intermittent, unreliable forms of energy as a political mandate — without concern for real world repercussions in real world markets — people (you) are likely to suffer.

Nevertheless, electric power utilities from Europe to North America are being pushed to the breaking point by bad government policies — to the point that some residents of “advanced” societies may have to do without electric power at some very inconvenient times.

… excess solar power means that other facilities are losing money. This would be fine if the plants were actually becoming obsolete, but they are still necessary at night and during the winter, so the presence of too much solar puts Germany in the awkward situation of relying on electric plants that don’t have a profitable business model. Some gas plants ran for as little as ten days last year, but if all of these under-utilized plants closed their doors Germany would have an energy crisis come winter.

Other renewables have similar quirks that make them difficult to use as the backbone of a country’s power grid… but developed and developing economies are both putting more money into renewables. _Source

Here is more on the hidden costs of intermittent unreliable forms of energy, when they are forced onto energy markets by brainless politicians:

In Germany, gas-fired power generation is now loss-making, triggering capacity mothballing and closures…

…renewables have caused lower wholesale power prices because they have near-zero marginal cost; and… they are causing fossil fuel power plants to operate at lower capacity than formerly.

The higher operating cost of cycling, revealed by the NREL report, are another cost.

The impact on viability is more urgent in Europe where some countries have a much higher renewable power penetration than the United States.

The chief executives of eight European utilities in May said they faced a “perfect storm which is endangering security of supply”, as a result of declining market incentives….

NREL acknowledged the impact on margins.

“This raises questions about who should pay for the cycling costs of incumbent plants or what happens in the marketplace to address the viability of a plant that might be needed for reliability but might no longer be profitable.… _Reuters

Affordable high quality electricity plays a key role in every advanced society today. From hospital life support to traffic control systems to the electricity that pumps the petrol into motor vehicles, our societies cannot do without electric power.

This mindless rush to unreliable energy sources is led by Obama, Merkel, EU bureaucrats, Australian bureaucrats, and others, and cheered on by dieoff.orgy green activists and the brainless skankstream media.

And behind it all is a pseudo-scientific climate alarmism which will not even allow its meetings to be televised!

The higher the dependency on intermittent unreliable green forms of energy, the greater the risk of the power system failing sooner rather than later. Try to make provisions for the stupidity of your government leaders.

It is never too late to have a dangerous childhood.

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2 Responses to Abstaining from Electricity for Lent, When Lent Lasts All Year

  1. cartoonmick says:

    In regard to climate change scientists and governments, the problem is, those with expertise have no power, and those with power have no expertise.

    Greed will always blind, and governments are easily swayed by blind power.

    Governments are voted in by the people to govern “for” the people, not “for” big business.

    This cartoon refers; http://cartoonmick.wordpress.com/editorial-political/#jp-carousel-775



    • alfin2101 says:

      Unfortunately, “big business” is not what people think it is anymore. You cannot name big business now, because you cannot see it. Truly big business works in the shadows as unnamed conglomerates, media giants, holding companies, big investors in government funded or government mandated projects such as big wind and big solar. The new “big business” is joined at the hips with big governments, which are often joined at the hips with big green groups and affiliated political activist giants — who have been handed billions in grants from big governments.

      Big business provides a lucrative home for retired big government appointees, when they are not working in government destroying your future. Big business contorts reality in officially sanctioned news programs, to make “the people” behave according to the wishes of the big government/ big business / big activism monstrosity.

      You may be working for the ends of big business without even knowing it.

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