Piss on the White Bitch

It could have been a lot worse that evening in St. Paul. Approached by four black men asking for directions while she was talking on her iPhone, she was abruptly dragged down to the sidewalk, her pants pulled down . . .

the woman was approached by a silver-colored vehicle with four black men wearing wigs around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. She was standing in the 500 block of Farrington Street talking on her phone. They pretended to ask for directions, and when the woman came closer they pulled her toward the car and took her iPhone.

Three other men got out of the vehicle and one of them pulled her by the hair to the sidewalk, pushed her to the ground, pulled her pants down and then urinated on her, the criminal complaint states. The woman reported she thought she was going to get raped.

…The woman suffered a cut to her wrist and above her eye.
__KSTP 5 St. Paul (via VAW blog

It could have been a lot worse, and it often is. Since the election of US President Barack Obama, black violence against whites has become more blatant and in your face. And since the Trayvon Martin self-defense killing, young proto-thug Martin has been held up as a justification for black racist violence.

The US national media refuses to report on this epidemic of racial violence, although local news outlets will sometimes provide sparing coverage — making sure to stay away from the “censored race war” aspects of the national phenomenon.

A number of internet sites have attempted to keep records of as many individual cases of black on white violence as possible — but the numbers are just too high, and the news reporting is too spotty and often censored of crucial details.

Top 100 Black Mob Violence Videos from White Girl Bleed A Lot blog

This short list has not been updated in several years, but still contains enough vicious crimes to make the blood chill.

Violence Against Whites blog tries to provide ongoing coverage of the phenomenon globally. Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog is another source for ongoing documentation of black violence, criminality, and malfeasance.

The Color of Crime is available for free PDF download, but again it has not been updated in the past few years to clearly document the Obama violent crime boost. This list of sources provides support to the numbers provided in the Color of Crime document.

The topic is not politically correct, but in this setting your very survival may not be politically correct. There are times when one must choose to say, “political correctness be damned,” and pass along the important warning to others. Perhaps they will then be motivated to be more aware of their surroundings.

Always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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