Is This What Europe is Committing Suicide Over?

Contemporary “climate science” is more about computer models than the actual mechanisms of climate. In the graphic above, you can see a comparison between actual temperature observations vs the temperature projections of 90 climate models. (See Dr. Roy Spencer’s blog for full details via TheGWPF)

Dr. Spencer points out that 95% of climate models project far too much warming into the near to mid-term future. The worst of it is that the United Nations’ IPCC bases its reports on the models that diverge from reality the farthest — the least trustworthy models are given the most credence by Obama, Hollande, the IPCC, Gore, the German greens, and the faux environmental media.

Apparently, it is on the basis of these false projections that Europe is committing energy suicide, and committing its residents to energy starvation. Europe’s power grids walk further and further out the narrow limb, the more committed she is to unreliable intermittent forms of energy.

California is apparently following in the same suicidal footprints, guided by its own foolish ideologues, opportunists, and corrupt hangers-on.

Large industries rely upon high quality power that is affordable and reliable. Green energy from wind/solar is neither affordable nor reliable. A gory train wreck is in the making, and it will not be pretty.

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