Eric Drexler Still Devising Nanotech Solutions

Brian Wang lets us know that Eric Drexler has released a 108 page PDF of new nanotechnological solutions to important challenges.

Here the different aspects of APM [atomically precise manufacturing] that are needed to enable breakthrough advances in productive technologies are discussed. The necessary technology base can be developed through a series of coordinated advances along strategically chosen lines of research. _Eric Drexler via Brian Wang

Most readers will probably not remember the foundations of Drexler’s dreams. But when clever and determined men and women are driven by great dreams, eventually something is likely to come from them. For those who want to check on progress of the nanotech dream, the 17th Foresight Conference on nanotechnology will be held in Palo Alto February 7-9, 2014.

More: Eric Drexler’s blog

Foresight blog

We are skirting the edges of disruptive technologies based on biotechnology. Safe, reliable molecular assemblers still seem to be decades away, even with steady progress. Advanced computing and robotics also hold keys to a disruptive future. Transformative breakthroughs in all of those fields await new conceptualizations — something in short supply in politically correct mind prisons such as the modern skankstream.

Humans require new ways of thinking. To achieve that, they will have to break out of their dependencies upon governments, economic hierarchies, and ideological tyranny.

It is never too late to have a dangerous childhood.

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