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Abstaining from Electricity for Lent, When Lent Lasts All Year

In the modern age of risky green mandates, intermittent wind and solar energy are pushed onto the grid when available — then drop off of the grid at sporadic and unpredictable intervals. More reliable power plants capable of being turned … Continue reading

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If Climate Change is a Scam, What is the Point of Intermittent Unreliable Green Energy?

As we receive more and better climate data, it is becoming obvious that by far most of the “climate change” of the past century has been due to natural cyclic fluctuations. In the face of overwhelmingly natural climate change, why … Continue reading

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Should Psychedelic Drugs Be Given to Children?

At the Al Fin Institute for the Dangerous Child, we are famous for our use of induced precocity in the shaping of strong, independent, competent, broadly skilled, self-directing and self-supporting young people. We are liberal practitioners of the “rite of … Continue reading

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Despite the Stupidity of Humans They May Still Have a Future

Yesterday we looked at the idea of an IQ breaking point: The average population IQ of a nation needs to be above a certain level for the country to prosper and maintain a high quality of life. The most commonly … Continue reading

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