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Could a Psychopath Be Elected US President?

Psychopaths usually don’t want to commit themselves to a long course of study. They want to get results quick. So we could wonder – would they be attracted to politics? You can be a career politician without much preparation. And … Continue reading

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Honeys that Heal

The ancient Egyptians used medicinal honey regularly, making ointments to treat skin and eye diseases. “Honey was used to cover a wound or a burn or a slash, or something like that, because nothing could grow on it – so … Continue reading

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Buying Credentials: A Poor Substitute for Education

Despite $1 trillion in college loan debt, there is no sign that US college students are being well educated. They study less, lack quantitative reasoning skills, are poor at critical thinking, and attempt to balance binge drinking and laying about … Continue reading

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Vitamin D: Not Just for Rickets and Osteoporosis

Vitamin D has an important role in regulating cell growth. Laboratory experiments suggest that it helps prevent the unrestrained cell multiplication that characterizes cancer by reducing cell division, restricting tumor blood supply (angiogenesis), increasing the death of cancer cells (apoptosis), … Continue reading

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Have You Played the Knockout Game?

The male victim was riding his bike along the 900 block of Catherine Street in the Bella Vista section of the city just before 8 p.m. on Friday when he was randomly punched by a group of teens, police said. … Continue reading

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Disaster Proof Homes In the Age of Climate Doom

We are constantly barraged with pseudo-scientific propaganda about the impending climate apocalypse. Yet we do not need to quake in fear of climate doom before we consider how our houses could be made safer against natural disasters. Disaster resistant homes … Continue reading

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Europe’s Dark Tunnel of Doom

Negative repercussions from Europe’s energy policies — more properly described as a suicidal energy death spiral — are piling up. Euro governments are learning that it is far easier to set off down the road of green good intentions, than … Continue reading

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Essential Home Remedies: Tea Tree Oil

Here are some uses for tea tree oil, often referred to as a “medicine cabinet in a bottle”: 1. Use a dab to treat acne. 2. An anti-fungal for treating Athlete’s Foot, eczema, various yeast infections, etc. 3. An antiseptic … Continue reading

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Breakeven Prices in US Shale Oil

Even though prices have slumped to their lowest in more than a year, output keeps marching ahead thanks to falling operational costs, increasingly efficient well technology, rising reserve estimates and aggressive forward hedging programs. Experts say the 1 million barrel … Continue reading

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US Blacks Continue Race War Against Whites, Others

Black supremacists continue calling for a race war against whites, including black supremacists working for Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Black economist and philosopher Thomas Sowell writes regularly about the unreported race war. Popular black movie actors boast about being … Continue reading

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Human Genetics and IQ: Where Angels Fear to Tread

Update note: The article below has been updated slightly from its original form to emphasize that the level of comparison in the research study is the “school level.” Although the topic is not politically correct, genes account for 50% or … Continue reading

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Africa: Marching to Utopia, They are Almost There

Beginning around 2010, the world’s mainstream pundits began to sing a triumphant refrain. They called it “The African Miracle,” and declared a new and booming Africa, a world investment magnet for the smart global investor. The song is still being … Continue reading

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Age of the Sissy: Even the Hurricanes are Weaklings

Storm intensity is measured by central pressure, the atmospheric pressure at the core of a cyclone. The lower the core preasure, the more intense the storm. Haiyan, at its peak, was measured at 895 hPa (hectopascals). In the North Atlantic, … Continue reading

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Al Fin Family of Blogs Update

This posting is updated from an original blog directory posting on the first Al Fin blog. It is provided for new readers who may be unfamiliar with the background behind many of the ideas being discussed on Al Fin Next … Continue reading

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Deep Delusions in High Places: A Slow Stealthy Collapse

Spain is reeling under the deep delusion, Germany is beginning to feel the pain, and the UK is on the verge of deep economic wounds that could leave painful scars for generations. A few days ago Kurt Bock, the firm’s … Continue reading

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Can a Society of Sissies Survive in a Violent World?

A good man is hard to find. An Al Fin Dangerous Child is even harder to find, in this day and age. Many people think that westerners are raising entire new generations of nothing but sissies. When you consider the … Continue reading

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Julian Simon And The Future We Make For Ourselves

The environment is going to hell, and human life is doomed to only get worse, right? Wrong. Conventional wisdom, meet Julian Simon, the Doomslayer. _Julian Simon Doomslayer Julian Simon’s evolutionary economic outlook is a stark contrast to the mainstream drivel … Continue reading

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Big Surprise! Gender Gap in Physics (and Math) Persists

No matter how hard feminist “scholars” try to explain away the gender gap in high level math and physics aptitude, the underlying reality will not go away. In a new synthesis of past work, researchers found that women consistently score … Continue reading

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How Old Should Children Be Before Learning to Make Bombs?

Re-published from a previous article in the original Al Fin blog According to a report in the Wednesday edition of the Lübecker Nachrichten newspaper, [a] 39-year-old teacher, who has not been named, made gunpowder together with his students who then … Continue reading

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(Brain) Transplant vs. In Situ Regeneration

Scientists are hard on the trail of lab-grown organs and tissues. They are learning to grow tissues on scaffolding — even brain tissue — and how to print organs in 3D with special printers and inks. Once created, these pristine … Continue reading

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How Many Vaginas Does a Woman Really Need?

In the wonderful new age of regenerative medicine, scientists are growing replacement skin, ears, urinary bladders, and other body parts in the lab. Scientists at San Diego-based Organovo have learned to print slices of liver in 3D, with the ultimate … Continue reading

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Third World Applauds Groupthink in Science

Groupthink is a peculiar weakness of the human mind. In children, we call it “peer pressure.” In climate change, we call it “consensus.” Janis (1972)’s eight symptoms [of groupthink]: illusion of invulnerability collective rationalization belief in inherent morality stereotyped views … Continue reading

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Monomaths vs Polymaths: Tribal Warfare Over the Future

The Monomath: The average job now is done by someone who is stationary in front of some kind of screen. Someone who has just one overriding interest is tunnel-visioned, a bore, but also a specialist, an expert. Welcome to the … Continue reading

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How Can Black Males Fit into a Modern World?

Our technological and scientific worlds are becoming more sophisticated and challenging — offering spectacular vistas of hope and possibility. But if the underlying population is not up to the challenge, the future could prove a very unpleasant surprise. Caution: The … Continue reading

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An American Fracking Boom Spawns European Frack-Phobia

If you stay reasonably well informed, you already know that the applied technology of fracking is one of the few bright spots in the current US economy. Here are some facts about the shale boom: 1) 12.1 million barrels per … Continue reading

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