How Can Black Males Fit into a Modern World?

Our technological and scientific worlds are becoming more sophisticated and challenging — offering spectacular vistas of hope and possibility. But if the underlying population is not up to the challenge, the future could prove a very unpleasant surprise.

Caution: The following discussion describes a problem that most polite persons would prefer to leave swept under the rug. Read on at the peril of your PC license and passport.

Finding a way to peacefully fit a rapidly increasing number of black males into a more and more sophisticated technological environment is a challenge that is being faced by cities and nations from the UK to France to Canada to Brazil. One of the most frustrating problems for modern social engineers around the world, is how to erase the achievement gap between black males and everyone else in the world so as to make it easier to provide productive places for them. It is a problem.

When black males emigrate to western nations, they inevitably fall behind all other groups — including black females — in terms of academic and economic achievement.

The problem certainly exists in Britain, where large numbers of blacks from the Caribbean have migrated. It is a problem that originates within the black community itself.

The problem also exists in the world’s wealthiest nation, the US.

Black males rank highest in violence, unemployment, and school failure. They rank lowest in IQ and life achievement. Black ruled and black populated nations tend to be irredeemably corrupt and often murderously violent. In an increasingly complex world, black males can sometimes be seen as something of a throwback to more primitive and more violent times.

Image Source: Ron Unz: Race and Crime in America

Where crime stats come from

We know that black males are statistically predisposed to violence by both nature and nurture — by their genes and by their culture of abundant angry grievance and self-pity. So it should be no surprise to see a very high correlation between a high black proportion of the population and violent crime rates.

Until a year or so ago, it was believed that violent crime rates were dropping uniformly across the US. Unfortunately, violent crime by black men is exploding in dozens of US inner cities — particularly crimes by blacks against persons of other races.

With illegitimacy rates in the US black community above 70%, very high rates of venereal diseases (including HIV), high prevalence of inter-generational criminality and government dependency, and a sense of entitlement that will not quit, the view to the future of US cities — and any parts of the US with appreciable numbers of black males — can seem ominous.

Blacks are genetically prone to low IQ, impulsive behaviour, violent behaviour, poor future orientation, and other weak pre-frontal executive functions.

It was only 6 years ago that John Derbyshire suggested that race conflict in the future US might be mainly between blacks and hispanics. Certainly that may be the case in prisons and inner cities, but when it comes to violence against other races, blacks do not seem to show particular restraint toward any potential victim population.

In a high proportion of US cities, it is not safe to go to the symphony, ballet, or football game without making sure your concealed carry firearms are properly maintained and loaded with spare magazines. The risk is not thought to be from Mormons or Amish.

Murder rates are high in Latin America, largely due to the drug trade. But in Africa and in places populated by Africans, it seems that no excuse is needed for high rates of murder or other violence. It is simply how things are — and how they will increasingly become as blacks become a proportionately higher share of any given population.

Black on black violence has always been quite high, but economist and philosopher Thomas Sowell warned about a censored race war of blacks against whites. Since the death of Trayvon Martin, the inter-racial violence by black males is only getting worse — although the national media continues to refuse to tell the story.

Along with the violence, is the inevitable poverty.

Remember: Demography is destiny, and for the near to intermediate future, Africa will account for most of global demographic growth.

42 Poorest Nations of the World

1. Zimbabwe
22. Tanzania (United Republic of)
2. Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
23. Djibouti
3. Niger
24. Angola
4. Burundi
25. Haiti
5. Mozambique
26. Senegal
6. Guinea-Bissau
27. Uganda
7. Chad
28. Nigeria
8. Liberia
29. Lesotho
9. Burkina Faso
30. Comoros
10. Mali
31. Togo
11. Central African Republic
32. Nepal
12. Sierra Leone
33. Papua New Guinea
13. Ethiopia
34. Mauritania
14. Guinea
35. Madagascar
15. Afghanistan
36. Benin
16. Sudan
37. Yemen
17. Malawi
38. Myanmar
18. Rwanda
39. Cameroon
19. Gambia
40. Ghana
20. Zambia
41. Bangladesh
21. Côte d’lvoire
42. Kenya


Even in oil-rich Nigeria, 61% of the population is forced to live on less than $1 a day. You may think that this phenomenon is limited to subSaharan Africa, but it occurs wherever blacks make up a large proportion of the male population.

Even leftist social engineers are beginning to see the black male achievement gap as “a crisis.” And neither poverty nor “special needs” are “the cause” of the problem.

These low achievement levels aren’t just the result of poverty. The average black fourth and eighth grade male who is not poor doesn’t do any better on the NAEP than white males who come from low-income backgrounds. The data also shows that black males without special education challenges also don’t score any higher than white males with special needs.

When it comes to school experience factors like suspension, black males are, “three times more likely than white students, two times more likely than Hispanic and American Indian students, and five times more likely than Asian students to be suspended from school.”

Black males who make it to college are half as likely as their white male peers to graduate within four years. And, according to the report, in 2008, black males over 18 accounted for 5 percent of the college population but were 36 percent of the prison population.

5% of the college population but 36% of the prison population? Think carefully before deciding whether black males are under-represented or over-represented in either category, by merit.

Since becoming US President, Barack Obama and his administration has made countless excuses for dysfunctional black males — such as refusing to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voting place intimidation, or to prosecute the NAACP and other activist groups for numerous blatant violations of voting laws — election crimes that tended universally to favour Obama and his political party. Making a hero of the proto-thug Trayvon Martin further revealed the dishonest stance of denial taken by the Obama administration and its collusive helpers in the media, to the stark and depressing reality of black males in the modern world.

Large black male populated parts of US cities are third world equivalent, essentially no-go zones for law enforcement and legitimate business interests. With the corruption that almost inevitably arises from large proportions of blacks, cities grow poorer and more violent, losing the ability to provide even basic services without massive state and federal help.

If this corruption and criminality becomes an increasingly salient part of the US federal government — on the scale of Gary, Indiana, or Detroit — escaping the increasingly unjust and corrosive nature of life under dysfunctional governments becomes more difficult.

Finding a way to peacefully fit the rapidly increasing numbers of black males into a more and more sophisticated technological environment is a challenge… worldwide. The US has built more and more prisons to deal with the problem. But in the long term, that is not likely to be enough.

Future world population growth is set to take place largely in Africa and other similarly backward parts of the world. Unless this phenomenon of rapid demographic change is better defined — and peaceful, voluntary, humane solutions are devised — problems of violence, corruption, poverty, low achievement, and cultural decline, are likely to accelerate.

Portions of this article were taken from an earlier article published on the original Al Fin blog

More articles dealing with the question of why some countries are rich and others are poor can be found under the category of “Wealth of Nations” on the original Al Fin blog.

More:I do not mean to say that all black males are violent and/or unintelligent.

Statistically, the average black male’s IQ in the US is close to 85, about 1 standard deviation below the European population’s average IQ. That means that almost 85% of US black males have IQs below the population average (50% below 85 and another 34% between 85 and 100). About 96% have IQs too low to allow them to succeed in a rigorous 4 year college program.

Average IQs for black males in different parts of the world may be slightly higher than in the US, or much lower (around 75 avg. IQ in sub Saharan Africa +- 5)

Genetically, at the most, 50% or 60% of black males are moderately to severely predisposed to violent behaviour by genotype. (summing the proportion of black males with either 2R or 3R MAO-A alleles, or other at-risk genetic markers for excess violent behaviour or sociopathy) The true protion of violence-predisposed black males could be as low as 20% by phenotype — or even less. Research that could clarify the situation is not being funded, presumably for PC reasons.

Again, I do not intend to generalize the attributes of excessive violence and low IQ to the entire black male population of the planet. Each individual must be judged on his own merits and actions. But statistically, black males are likely to carry those stigmas until rates of violent crime by black males drop dramatically, and until achievement rates by black males rise significantly.

More: The latest iteration of Ron Unz’ article “Race and Crime in America” discusses the theory that wealthy American elitists have been plotting the replacement of inner city blacks by a flood of new hispanic immigrants for almost 20 years. A very interesting twist on the US immigration debate, if true.

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3 Responses to How Can Black Males Fit into a Modern World?

  1. SimonD says:

    I admire you for going where angels fear to tread. The genetic component of IQ is unarguable but perhaps not terribly pc. I haven’t done any research but do you care to speculate what has driven the genetic skew in IQ in race that can only have appeared relatively recently in the gene pool (seeing as humanity 100k years ago were all black and living in Africa).

    What concerns me more isn’t really the low IQ and its strong correlation with race but rather low IQ itself. The requirements for most work that pays well is moving further and further to the right on the bell curve. This coupled with A.I. and other forms of automation will not lead to a good outcome over the next 15/20 years. Over time dumb people will find it harder and harder to find work and a a large of population of young dumb people as historically not led to a great outcome. Sensible people who can see the trends should be taking steps now.

  2. bob sykes says:

    50,000 years is 2,000 generations, and that is plenty of time for major evolutionary changes, especially since the Eurasian environment is very different from the African environments (plural). So “Out of Africa” is best thought of as a speciation event.

    As to whether black males can function in a modern society, the US Ruling Class seems to think not. Large scale Mexican immigration (legal or not) is rapidly displacing blacks from their traditional low income jobs and neighborhoods. The displacement is nearing completion in southern California. The Rulers clearly prefer to deal with Mexicans. The Rulers are also using gentrification to move blacks out of desirable cities, replacing them with high income whites, Asians and Hispanics. Most of the high income Hispanics are actually white themselves.

    The future for the US is Mexico. Britain also has a very big Muslim problem. Its future is more likely Pakistan or India

  3. alfin2101 says:

    SimonD: Cochran and Harpending do a good job of making rapid evolution sound plausible in The 10,000 Year Explosion:

    I agree that low IQ around the world is a larger issue than low IQ in black males, but the extra component of excessive violence in black males complicates the issue for that population.

    Bob: A lot of things can happen between now and 2050. Keep your options open.

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