Third World Applauds Groupthink in Science

Groupthink is a peculiar weakness of the human mind. In children, we call it “peer pressure.” In climate change, we call it “consensus.”

Janis (1972)’s eight symptoms [of groupthink]:

illusion of invulnerability
collective rationalization
belief in inherent morality
stereotyped views of out-groups
direct pressure on dissenters
illusion of unanimity
self-appointed mind guards
_as quoted by Dr. Judith Curry in “Mutually Assured Delusion”

Image Credit: DailyMail via Real Clear Energy

True science values real world observations over hypothetical scenarios. But in the world of groupthink “climate science,” it is the hypothetical climate model scenarios that are taken seriously, and the real world observations — whenever they cannot be “adjusted to fit the model” — are discarded. The groupthink climate models are even worse than we thought.

The third world — led by India and China — is conveniently demanding a $100 billion per year ongoing ransom from the US and Europe. The ransom demand is based upon the theory of anthropogenic carbon climate doom — a groupthink hypothesis that does not seem to be ready for scientific prime time.

Judith Curry looks at both sides of the argument when deciding whether alarmism or skepticism is the more scientific stance. Of course, in previous ages it was the scientists who were skeptics, and the religionists who were the apocalyptics and true believers in doom against all evidence.

In modern times, the “climate scientists” with the help of the skankstream media, large governments and inter-governmental agencies, faux environmentalist activist organizations, and left-leaning academia are circling the wagons against real-world observations. They believe that if they shout their unsupportable claims loudly enough [“the big lie fallacy”], that they can enact ruinous and lasting national and international policies that can never be reversed until their ultimate goal is reached.

US President Obama is attempting to prepare the US public for his administration’s imminent acquiescence to the global steamroller of “political climate change.” And now that China, India, and the third world are on board — to the tune of at least $100 billion a year cash transfer from the US and Europe — the international political momentum is rolling ever faster in the direction of the contrived fantasy.

Groupthink is one of the more dangerous “backdoors” into the human mind. Mob mentality is one of the greatest dangers to a rational and hopeful future. But if the rewards — the bribes — are large enough, even the best among us risks being taken in and absorbed by the group mind.

Dangerous Children are given a high level of immunity to groupthink. It is difficult to get a group of Dangerous Children to pursue the same goal for very long — the pull of their individual goals is too powerful. But they do take time to compare notes, and cooperate temporarily in exceptional circumstances.

BTW: US citizens need to consider whether it would be an impeachable offense for President Obama to move unilaterally to force the US government to accomodate the third world demand for a $100 billion a year bribe/ransom. In the Obama age, $100 billion is just so much run off the printing press, but the long term consequences of such a policy would be multiple and severe.

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  1. AK says:

    The third world — led by India and China — is conveniently demanding a $100 million per year ongoing ransom from the US and Europe.

    S/B &100 billion.

  2. alfin2101 says:

    Yes. Thanks. My accountant chastises me frequently for making that mistake when writing checks.


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