Al Fin Family of Blogs Update

This posting is updated from an original blog directory posting on the first Al Fin blog. It is provided for new readers who may be unfamiliar with the background behind many of the ideas being discussed on Al Fin Next Level.

Al Fin Next Level — this blog — began in the year 2013, after Google blocked administrative access to all Al Fin blogspot blogs.

Over the years, the original blog hatched a small brood of other blogs, which came to specialize more or less on particular areas of interest to the Al Fin writing staff. Here are links to the late and rarely lamented family of Al Fin blogs:

Al Fin 2100 “Al Fin” This was the original, largest, and most general blog of the family.

Al Fin 2101 “Al Fin, the Next Level” Tended to specialize in future trends and technologies, focusing on “The Dangerous Child Method” of childhood education toward the end.

Al Fin 2200 “abu al-fin” Focused generally on political topics

Al Fin 2300 “Al Fin Energy” Highlighted energy technologies and trends

Al Fin 2400 “Al Fin Potpourri” Was something of a grab-bag of topics, many quite odd-ball in nature

Al Fin 2500 “Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!” Took a serious and not-so-serious look at sexual topics

Al Fin 2600 “Al Fin Longevity” Highlighted topics related to life extension and gerontology

Al Fin 2700 “Al Fin Affictionado” Focused on topics related to writing fiction and written fiction.

Al Fin’s Tomorrow was an early experiment in WordPress blogging, motivated by problems with Blogger at the time. It was abandoned as the Blogger platform became more stable.

Over the years, dozens of Al Fin articles were re-posted on outside websites such as, , , Infidel Bloggers Alliance, and a number of other authorized and unauthorized online republishers.

Now on WordPress, Al Fin Next Level has been joined by The Dangerous Child blog in an attempt to maintain and extend the most important threads of thought developed by the original Al Fin blogs.

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