Age of the Sissy: Even the Hurricanes are Weaklings

Storm intensity is measured by central pressure, the atmospheric pressure at the core of a cyclone. The lower the core preasure, the more intense the storm. Haiyan, at its peak, was measured at 895 hPa (hectopascals). In the North Atlantic, Hurricane Wilma, in 2005, was measured at 882. You have to go back to 1979’s Typhoon Tip, to find the most intense storm ever recorded in the Western North Pacific—it pulled 870 hPa and tops the list of all time most intense storms. In fact, when compared to that region’s list of most intense storms, Haiyan ties with a clutch of other storms—most recently Yuri in 1991—for an ignominious 21st place. Not only was Haiyan not the most intense storm ever seen, it’s not even in the running. _Super Storm Meme

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In ancient times, natural disasters were blamed on the gods or evil spirits. Today, $trillions of dollars are riding on making the public believe that natural disasters are caused by humans — western capitalist humans in particular.

We do not want to understate the suffering or loss caused by Haiyan or other tropical storms. But we must understand that both monetary loss and human lives affected are inflated by rapid population growth and the human tendency to “build on the flood plain” when population pressures push people to occupy wider areas of available land space.

It was important to over-hype hurricane Haiyan because the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was something of a dud in the US, and a massive disappointment for doomer climatologists.

Before the typhoon made landfall, some international forecasters were estimating wind speeds at 195 m.p.h., which would have meant the storm would hit with winds among the strongest recorded. But local forecasters later disputed those estimates. “Some of the reports of wind speeds were exaggerated,”

The Philippine weather agency measured winds on the eastern edge of the country at about 150 m.p.h., he said, with some tracking stations recording speeds as low as 100 m.p.h.

… Both CNN and the BBC talk about 40 to 50 feet storm surges , yet the official Philippine body responsible for these matters, NOAH, using JMA models, on 7th November forecast about 5 meters or less for the day after when the storm hit land.

Once again, it appears that some media reports have been wildly overhyped. _Hyping the Sissy Storms

We know that the news media will over-hype any disaster if it will attract viewers, but there is something about climate disasters in the sissy age of climate doom that brings the hyping hucksters out of the woodwork:

But then the news media never lets facts get in the way of a good story. Remember “Super Storm” Sandy? The only thing super about Sandy was the opportunity it provided the major US news networks to capture it on video. Barely a category 1 storm, it hit a part of the US that had not experienced such a storm in decades, and hence had no frame of reference. My brother, who lives in Florida, where much stronger storms occur more frequently, dismissed the northerners as a bunch of wimps. But the true damage was done by the prominent know nothings who immediately linked that storm with other recent unfavoriable environmental episodes.

… There is a lot of variation from year to year, which gives our notoriously spotty memories time to forget the last big storm. Combine this with rising property damage assessments and the stage is set for breathless news commentators to pronounce each new storm a “Super Storm.” _Silent Earth

Representatives of the third world — joined by India and China — are demanding that the developed world pay a $100 billion per year ransom to third world dictators as “compensation” for extreme weather caused by evil spirits capitalist economic policies. The real people of the third world will receive nothing from this blatant extortion except the comforting knowledge that dictators and their cronies are being taken care of. Business as usual, but on a grander scale.

And it is not just the scammers of the third world who are looking to make it big on the climate apocalypse con. In the first world, the climate scam is alive and well. And when you consider the criminal underworld infested corrupt world of carbon credits, taxes, mandates, and other enterprise-stifling policies of the climate doom kingdom — you’re starting to look at some serious money being redistributed from the productive to the non-productive sectors.

Welcome to the age of corrupt scammers at very high levels, and the multitude of sissies who enable them.

It is never too late to have a dangerous childhood.

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