Have You Played the Knockout Game?

The male victim was riding his bike along the 900 block of Catherine Street in the Bella Vista section of the city just before 8 p.m. on Friday when he was randomly punched by a group of teens, police said.

After being hit, police say the cyclist asked the group — made up of five teen boys and three teen girls — why they hit him. Without answering, the group then continued beating the man. _NBCPhilly via SBPDL

It’s becoming popular in cities across the US, among “ethically challenged youth.” And in America, blacks no longer need a reason to beat up whites and others.

Philadelphia police are stressing that the spontaneous black on white gang attack of the cyclist was not part of “the knockout game.” What a relief that must be to the beaten man. More on the knockout game:

The apparent object of the game is to pick an unsuspecting victim and knock them out with a punch. … the potential racial element has begun to be noticed more broadly by community leaders in places like Brooklyn.

Quoted by a local TV news station, Brooklyn Rabbi Yaacov Behrmann said that he believes the assaults are part of “a disturbing game by some African-American teens.” _CSMonitor

“Potential racial element?” Cute, but better than turning a complete blind eye to the obvious. It would be more accurate to call it practice. But practice for what?

Groups of black youths roam the streets looking for a solitary pedestrian, preferably white (hence the alternate name “polar-bearing”) but Asian or Hispanic will do. The trick is to knock him to the ground with a single punch. There’s a virtually limitless supply of targets: In New York, a 78-year-old woman was selected, and went down nice and easy, as near-octogenarian biddies tend to when sucker-punched. But, when you’re really rockin’, you can not only floor the unsuspecting sucker but kill him: That’s what happened to 46-year-old Ralph Santiago of Hoboken, N.J., whose head was slammed into an iron fence, whereupon he slumped to the sidewalk with his neck broken. And anyway the one-punch rule is flexible: In upstate New York, a 13-year-old boy socked 51-year-old Michael Daniels but with insufficient juice to down him. So his buddy threw a bonus punch, and the guy died from cerebral bleeding. _Mark Steyn

Local news outlets have given cautious coverage to the phenomenon, but national news organizations are very late to cover this neo-cultural hit. CNN has just now begun looking at the gamenotice how the racial aspect of the game is blacked out.

Even Rev. Al Sharpton the race crusader is worried about the public relations aspect of the knockout game. If the public wises up, it could be bad for his primary business.

“Kids are randomly knocking out people [from] another race — some specifically going at Jewish people,” he said. “This kind of insane thuggery — there is nothing cute about that. There is no game play about knocking somebody out, and it is not a game. It is an assault and is bias, and it is wrong.” _Al Sharpton Getting Nervous

Al Sharpton is not likely to discourage black youth from playing knockout, on his own. The US black community as a whole would need to wake up and own up to how its generations-long wallowing in victimhood is destroying its own future. And that epiphany is not likely to happen, given the perceived secondary gain obtained by many leading lights in the community — including the Rev. Sharpton.

Don’t expect this game to stay confined to just a few dozen US cities. Expect it to spread internationally, wherever “ethnically ethically challenged youth” can be found.

Be careful where you walk. Be aware of your surroundings, even in your own neighborhoods. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

Have I mentioned that it is never too late to have a dangerous childhood?

More: One blogger suggests that the knockout game contains the seeds of its own destruction

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4 Responses to Have You Played the Knockout Game?

  1. Ugh says:

    Thomas Sowell has been warning of the race war that he believes has been upon us for years – going back as far as Rodney King. The media – as your article suggests – will not report on it accurately, out of some politically correct fear. Let a sports announcer or any other personality utter an off-color comment and it’s days and weeks of breathless controversy precisely because it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Or when a Hispanic neighborhood watchmen shoots a black kid in a scuffle it becomes and international story (chiefly because because the Hispanic looks white). But when young black kids kill white people simply for fun it goes largely unreported and no one causes a ruckus in the media.

    It may be that the only way this will get any attention is if the victim was openly gay. What a conundrum for the media gatekeepers!

  2. swampie says:

    No knock out games going on around here to my knowledge. Probably because everybody is armed.

  3. Abelard Lindsey says:

    We had one incident of black on white violence in a part near the coffee shop I used to own, here in the Portland area. This was about 18 months ago and is the only incident I am aware of. Portland is actually the “whitest” of all of the U.S. metro areas with populations over 2 million.

  4. Veritas says:

    Black racist assaults are due to the clear encouragement of the Obama regime that such crimes will not be prosecuted. These are enabled by the media which did their best and continue to maintain a deaf, dumb, and blind attitude towards these crimes. But they are encouraging Americans to arm. Thet are encouraging people to carry. Remember if you are on a jury sitting in judgement on one of these animals that self defense is your right.

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