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Natural Gas vs Oil Prices: What Does It Matter?

Image: Real Clear Energy [Vaclav] Smil selected the above figures, which chart the divergence between natural gas and oil prices over the last four years. “[There are] too many choices possible,” he told the Post, “but here is one epoch-making … Continue reading

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Another Global Warming Expedition is Trapped in Polar Ice

Image: Daily Mail Update 31 Dec 2013 They went in search evidence of the world’s melting ice caps, but instead a team of climate scientists have been forced to abandon their mission … because the Antarctic ice is thicker than … Continue reading

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We Are Marching to Utopia: We Will Soon Be There — Special Christmas Reprise

A classic Al Fin article, originally published on Al Fin, and since re-published multiple times on various Al Fin blogs, for special occasions. …optimists and idealists — with their ignorance about the truths of human nature and human society, and … Continue reading

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Link Out Postings

Black violence is no secret — all population perception for violent inclinations of various US ethnicities, via An Audacious Epigone Inbreeding and retardation in Minnesota Amazing look at how quickly an “equal society” naturally rearranges itself into a “caste society” … Continue reading

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California: From Shake and Bake to Slice and Dice

California was once the mythical land of sun and sand. A rich, fun playground for North Americans and world travelers alike, California was the model that other places tried to mimic. Image: Six Californias Initiative But over time, the gold … Continue reading

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The Fatal Attraction of Climate Models

Despite the failure of elaborate and expensive supercomputer climate models to reflect real world observations, they still hold a fatal attraction for tens of millions of otherwise intelligent, honest people. Compared to the actual temperature rise since 1980, the average … Continue reading

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We Are Marching to Euphoria: We Will Soon be There

Wikipedia Reward System Life isn’t easy, for most of us. No matter how well we were pampered or sheltered as children and teens, eventually there comes a time when we have to face the music, and stand on our own. … Continue reading

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Crime Spillover: The Fouling of the Commons

Christmas shopping for a young New Jersey couple was cut short by two presumed Obama voters with a gun. The young lawyer and his wife were shopping in an upscale shopping center in an upscale suburb, but unfortunately the mall … Continue reading

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Canadian Oil Sands Production: There’s No Stopping It

Energy expert Robert Rapier reports from the Alberta oil sands that costs of bitumen production for some producers have dropped as low as $25 a barrel! Image: Robert Rapier The image above shows production costs for Cenovus mines, which go … Continue reading

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Destiny and the Gendered Brain

Intelligent and observant individuals have noticed general male-female differences in behavior and decision-making for many thousands of years. Now scientists have the tools that allow them to map out the brain differences in detail, and demonstrate how different chromosomes lead … Continue reading

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The Romans Knew a Warmer World

A Swedish study found that the planet was warmer in ancient Roman times and the Middle Ages than today, challenging the mainstream idea that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are the main drivers of global warming. _DC via GWPF More: Broad … Continue reading

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Escaping Central Government Corruption

Obama’s Washington DC is a model of central government corruption. Opportunity has evaporated in the face of rampant corporate and union cronyism. More green corruption. All large governments are corrupt. It is even becoming more and more difficult to find … Continue reading

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Peak Water: Meet Vast Undersea Deposits of Freshwater Reserves

Scientists have discovered huge reserves of freshwater beneath the oceans kilometres out to sea, providing new opportunities to stave off a looming global water crisis. … “The volume of this water resource is a hundred times greater than the amount … Continue reading

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Abject Helplessness is Indistinguishable from Laziness or Stupidity

Teenagers… [a]re not worth very much as workers. They’re lazy, scatterbrained, unable to remember instructions and have no callouses on their soft hands. So really, why would anyone want to hire these unformed humans and begin the arduous process of … Continue reading

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Minimum Viable Population vs. Effective Population Size

Life has not always been so easy for humans. Human populations had to squeeze through several bottlenecks before emerging as the dominant species on Earth. The ultimate survival of humanity was uncertain through most of human history. And it could … Continue reading

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Humans, Cyborgs, and Intelligent Machines

Barrat argues that the time it will take for ASI to surpass human level intelligence, rendering us ant-like in comparison, could be a matter of days, if not mere hours, after it is created. Worse (it keeps getting worse), human … Continue reading

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African Backwardness, Genetic Load, Dysgenics

There are reasons why Africa is such a backward place: why it is the beggar continent that perpetually lives off handouts called ‘foreign aid’ even as it sits on an abundance of natural resources; why most of its countries are … Continue reading

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Beneath it All, A World of Blood and Soil

Life is hard, and then you die… _Adam, husband of Eve, when reflecting on their fall from grace Modern life comprises a long series of diversions, from the moment of birth onward. Sheltered and diverted from the adult world and … Continue reading

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Autism and Genius: Danger! Not Politically Correct

…high-functioning autism is far more common in males than females: maybe as much as 15 times more common. … At highest levels of achievement in math and physics, men outnumber women, maybe as much as 100 fold. _WestHunter Scientists who … Continue reading

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Energy and Climate Links

School children and laypeople have been inundated with disinformation about “climate doom,” “resource scarcity,” and “the desperate need for green energy,” for generations now. Those who are both intelligent and well informed are beginning to see that on those topics, … Continue reading

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Desperate Times for Arctic Yachtsmen

Assured by climatologists and the BBC that the Arctic would be ice-free this past summer, dozens of yachtsmen raced to be the first through the new “Northwest Passage.” Unfortunately, the real climate does not listen to the BBC or to … Continue reading

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Young Americans Face New Age of Feudalism

When America’s young overwhelmingly supported Senator Obama’s rise to power, they sensed that they were helping to bring in a new age of optimism and hope. They were right about the “new age” part. But it is turning out to … Continue reading

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