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School children and laypeople have been inundated with disinformation about “climate doom,” “resource scarcity,” and “the desperate need for green energy,” for generations now. Those who are both intelligent and well informed are beginning to see that on those topics, for the mainstream, “everything they think they know, just ain’t so.”

5 US states poised to achieve North Dakota-style oil boom

The shale revolution is still in its “early innings,” as a recent report by Credit Suisse put it. OPEC’s 2013 World Oil Outlook, published last month, said that new oil supply from the U.S. and Canada would hit nearly 5 million barrels a day within five years, up from last year’s forecast of 1.7 million barrels a day by 2018. As that boom plays out, tens of billions of dollars in new infrastructure and development will likely be invested in the coming years… _

One reason Texas is escaping the long Obama recession

Why power grids can’t handle big wind/solar.

The problem is that renewable energy adds unprecedented levels of stress to a grid designed for the previous century.

Green energy is the least predictable kind. Nobody can say for certain when the wind will blow or the sun will shine. A field of solar panels might be cranking out huge amounts of energy one minute and a tiny amount the next if a thick cloud arrives. In many cases, renewable resources exist where transmission lines don’t.

“The grid was not built for renewables,” said Trieu Mai, senior analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. _LAT

The story won’t tell you, but all the happy talk about big wind/solar being ready for the big time “any year now” is hogwash. They’ve spouted that line since the days of President Carter. It’s no closer to being true.

Europe bet its future on the green energy delusion, and is perched on an energy precipice. The UK has made a similar bet and is similarly at risk.

Don’t be bamboozled by green energy claims

The impetus for the green energy stampede is the “great climate apocalypse.” But even former true believers in climate doom are beginning to understand how they’ve been hoodwinked.

The EU sacrifices $trillions on the altar of the capricious climate gods

The real climate danger may be from a global cooling resulting from increasing clouds that reduce global solar insolation, concomitant with a solar slow down.

So it’s a good thing that the planet still has plenty of hydrocarbon resources.

The real future of energy is energy from high energy nuclear force reactions. So it is a shame that loud-mouthed unintelligent stink-bombs are allowed to sabotage the human energy future, even deep inside the government of the world’s superpower.

There is something distressing about watching a man who spent seven years and two months on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission doing everything in his power — and some things that he was not legally empowered to do — to raise additional barriers to nuclear energy development complain that the technology is too expensive. From fire protection, to aircraft impact, to imposed delays in granting combined operating licenses, to torpedoing Yucca Mountain and destroying the legal basis for the Waste Confidence rule, Greg Jaczko can claim a great deal of credit for slowing the nuclear renaissance.

… Nuclear energy is … less competitive in the United States because the cost of operating nuclear energy facilities ratchets ever higher and regulatory uncertainty keeps growing.

It is quite depressing to realize that Jaczko was forced into a responsible position without any qualifications other than having powerful patrons inside the Washington, DC beltway. _Atomic Insights

Sadly, most western governments are chock-full of self-important know-nothing ideologues who are consciously or unconsciously hell-bent on obstructing a clean, healthy, prosperous human future.

Sooner or later, there will be a reckoning.

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  1. bob sykes says:

    The reckoning will be economic and population collapse, and a return to barbarism.

  2. bob sykes says:

    I forgot to add. This is the actual goal of the environmentalists.

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