Abject Helplessness is Indistinguishable from Laziness or Stupidity

Teenagers… [a]re not worth very much as workers. They’re lazy, scatterbrained, unable to remember instructions and have no callouses on their soft hands. So really, why would anyone want to hire these unformed humans and begin the arduous process of turning them into skilled and eager workers? _Lazy Kids and a Dying Culture

Children are not born lazy. And they are not born helpless. Almost all children are born with instincts that attract the attention and care of adults, and that allow them to feed and learn.

But somewhere along the road, well-intentioned parents and societies are making entire generations of children and youth helpless. This widespread child raising malpractice is likely to have profound repercussions on the human future.

The author of the excerpted article linked above seems to think that you can begin the difficult work of instilling responsibility, self-sufficiency, and hard work in the teenage years. With few exceptions, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, one must begin the job much earlier.

… a 5-year-old in Peru’s Amazon region can be found climbing trees to harvest papayas and “helping haul logs thicker than her leg to stoke a fire,” an 8-year-old in America’s Los Angeles region can be found lying on his back on a sofa, ordering his dad to untie his shoe — and being scolded only because he didn’t say “please.”

… I know — I know — that I was more capable and independent at their ages than any of my children are, and I certainly know that that kid in Peru has them licked. But I also know that they can learn, and that if they don’t, it’s on me. Because if someone would do all your laundry and dishes and pick up your coat from the hallway floor, wouldn’t you roll with it, and maybe ask them to tie your shoes, besides? _Kids Need Chores

Even the parent-author of the above piece doesn’t seem to understand the predicament her kids are finding themselves in. This is not just about the child being able to do her own laundry, prepare her own food, or pay for her own car insurance. This is about her survival, and the survival of humans with IQs high enough to advance the human future.

Waiting in the darkness, outside the attentions of mainstream media outlets or outspoken academic professors, are large numbers of people who envy the easy life of luxury your children are living. They think your kids are stealing their birthrights from them, and intend to do something about it. Unfortunately, your children do not have a clue what is waiting for them.

On Sunday, a New Black Panther Party leader using the name “General Taco” said members of the New Black Panther Party will hunt down and kill white people…

“Once [white people] die, we should dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, bury ‘em, dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, and again, and again!” he exclaimed, getting more agitated as he spoke. _Hunt and Kill White People

This is not an isolated opinion, among blacks. The same opinion is held by many blacks in Europe, the UK, the Caribbean, South Africa, Canada, and elsewhere. It is even held by high ranking persons in the Obama administration. As long as their genocidal views do not become too well known, the Obama administration is happy to employ them, pay them, and aid their self-esteem.

High level racism and tolerance of genocidal views is nothing new in politics. Nazi Germany is another example. But one would think that humans had learned from what happened under Hitler and his vile reich.

Regardless, it is your children who will have to run the gauntlet of this politically correct racism and genocide, and somehow survive to raise children of their own.

This becomes difficult if they did not learn responsibility and competent self-reliance quite early in life, many years before becoming teenagers.

Frankly, children should be learning how to become Dangerous Children, but that is a concept that is too politically incorrect for most parents to comprehend, much less understand and accept.

When Hitler’s Nazis came for the Jews, they were helpless. They died passively by the millions. The ones who were wisest, who could see and plan ahead, had already left with their gold and jewels.

Where will your children go, if the Obama administration gives way to something even worse, something even more overtly racist and genocidal?

On the other hand, what if government simply continues business as usual — with exponential growth in entitlement spending, stealth growth in national debt, and a steady erosion of opportunity, trust, and quality of life? If government policies redistribute wealth from productive populations and shunt it to non-productive populations, over time a dysgenic population shift takes place. The result is a slow motion Idiocracy. In an idiocracy, leaders such as Idi Amin or Robert Mugabe become likely.

We are living through pivotal years, and have been doing so for the past 20 years. Unfortunately, government has grown stronger and more dictatorial, while our children have grown more helpless and dumbed down.

The cities of large western nations such as the US are sinking into dysgenic, idiocratic quagmire. Smaller western nations and individual North American states, provinces, and regions could conceivably become more resilient to the slow motion quasi-anarchic idiocracy.

Needless to say, it makes a difference how your children are raised — particularly at this point in time. Childhood chores and teenage jobs are not the half of it, although many parents would be chastised by their friends for making the little darlings face even a bit of responsibility before the age of 21. No matter.

HFTB. PFTW. Consider ways to make yourself more resilient, and more dangerous.

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4 Responses to Abject Helplessness is Indistinguishable from Laziness or Stupidity

  1. Matt Musson says:

    Al, do you have any articles that consider what preparations we should make in anticipation of a nuclear exchange in the Middle East?

  2. alfin2101 says:

    For surviving a widespread nuclear war in general: Nuclear War Survival Skills is useful. More limited nuclear exchanges may seem less dangerous, but they can destabilize things enough that anything could happen, such as Dragon Day. One must pay attention as events unfold.

    The best advice is to have your necessities (food, water, fuel, medicines, weapons, valuables . . . ) stored in a defensible location, in the vicinity of a number of similarly prepared and competent compadres that you can trust to watch your 6. If you read http://survivalblog.com/ , you will have a lot ideas already, since preparation for one big clusterfuck will have a lot in common with preparation for others.

    Chances improve with the size and competent cohesiveness of your group. The nucleus of such groups may be found at one’s workplace, club, church, school, or via family members or acquaintances.

  3. swampie says:

    Our six-year-old and 9-year-old grandsons each have a toolbox filled with hand tools and nails here. We have stacks of wood they can use for construction. They build boxes, birdhouses, chicken feeders, and whatever else strikes their fancy. The 6-year-old boy is turning out to be a *very* good shot, often plinking the hand-drawn zombie target through the eyes from quite a distance. Two-year-old granddaughter is agitating for her own gun to target practice with. She wants a pink one. We tell her she has to wait a little bit longer until she’s stronger. “When I’m free years old?” she asks hopefully. “Yes, we’ll see if you are strong enough when you are three.” We teach them to butcher and process chickens. I show them edible wild plants in the lawn. We let them build fires, then cook their food with it. They like to garden.

    At home in the city, they play video games. Lots and lots of video games, for there isn’t much room for playing except on the street.

    I’ve been thinking about teaching about shelter, and perhaps we’ll play with wattle and daub construction over their spring break. It would make a temporary hideout or chicken shelter. I suppose we could build some forms and make some crude bricks with our local clay, dry them, then fire them in a homemade kiln to see how they turn out.

    *sigh* At that age, our own kids were saddling their own horses and spending the day in the woods with their faithful canine companion and a .22. We don’t have the time with them to teach them everything that our kids learned.

  4. alfin2101 says:

    Interesting, SW. Thanks. Kids are incredibly curious and eager to learn, up to the point when poorly raised peers, boring schools, and a cynical decadent culture chokes the natural instincts to be useful and productive out of them. Don’t let the kids’ teachers or principal find out what you’ve been doing out in the swamp. 😉

    Building with natural materials would be fun and useful for kids.

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