Peak Water: Meet Vast Undersea Deposits of Freshwater Reserves

Scientists have discovered huge reserves of freshwater beneath the oceans kilometres out to sea, providing new opportunities to stave off a looming global water crisis.

“The volume of this water resource is a hundred times greater than the amount we’ve extracted from the Earth’s sub-surface in the past century since 1900,” says lead author Dr Vincent Post (pictured) of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) and the School of the Environment at Flinders University. _SD

Have you ever wondered where underground water goes when it reaches the seashore? So have scientists, who have begun to map out the vast reserves of freshwater which lie beneath continental shelf seabeds.

The flow of terrestrial groundwater to the sea is an important natural component of the hydrological cycle. This process, however, does not explain the large volumes of low-salinity groundwater that are found below continental shelves. There is mounting evidence for the global occurrence of offshore fresh and brackish groundwater reserves. The potential use of these non-renewable reserves as a freshwater resource provides a clear incentive for future research. But the scope for continental shelf hydrogeology is broader and we envisage that it can contribute to the advancement of other scientific disciplines, in particular sedimentology and marine geochemistry. _Nature

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Images via Nature

Faux environmentalist doomers constantly obsess about various types of resource scarcity which later turn out not to be so scarce. Global eco-doom was fashionable in the late 1960s, throughout the 1970s, up until US President Reagan was elected and reversed the widespread tide of malaise that dominated the Nixon, Ford, and Carter landscape.

But doomers never learn, and go back to their vomit like dogs. So it is up to scientists and more rational beings to make observations, study the evidence, and repeatedly correct the perennial errors of the dieoff.orgy lefty-Luddite resource scarcity doomers.

Like air, water is almost infinitely re-usable, with proper techniques and technologies.

Humans are suffering under tangible shortages, however. These are shortages of competence, wisdom, skills, intelligence, good economic policies, and good government overall. Those shortages will take longer to solve than the simple scientific reassurances needed to salve worries over resource scarcity.

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