Escaping Central Government Corruption

Obama’s Washington DC is a model of central government corruption. Opportunity has evaporated in the face of rampant corporate and union cronyism. More green corruption.

All large governments are corrupt. It is even becoming more and more difficult to find local and regional governments that support economic freedom for individuals and small businesses.

the most economically free state in North America isn’t a state. It’s a Canadian province. Here’s a map from a new report showing how sub-national jurisdictions rate for economic freedom. _Daniel J Mitchell

Image: Fraser Institute via Daniel J Mitchell

Below is a bar chart showing freedom rankings for states and provinces according to the nature of internal state or provincial policies, leaving out national policies:

Needless to say, location is very important when it comes to success — or even survival.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Here are 50 ways to be prepared for small emergencies. Existential hazards such as the exponential growth in fascist government favoritism and corruption will take more work.

More: Obama’s continuing close collaboration with far-left activist groups is another example of cronyism. Disturbingly, some of these groups have ties to militant religious and racialist organizations.

Increasingly, under Obama, the central government is not just opposing freedom and opportunity. It is also funding national and international activist groups that oppose freedom and opportunity.

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