Crime Spillover: The Fouling of the Commons

Christmas shopping for a young New Jersey couple was cut short by two presumed Obama voters with a gun. The young lawyer and his wife were shopping in an upscale shopping center in an upscale suburb, but unfortunately the mall was too close to Newark, New Jersey, The Carjacking Capital of the World.

The 30-year-old Friedland and his wife, Jamie Schare Friedland, were carjacked on the third-level parking deck at about 9 p.m Sunday after shopping at the mall, authorities said.

According to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, they were approached by two black men as Friedland was entering the driver’s side of their 2012 silver Range Rover. He was shot in the head and died at Morristown Medical Center shortly before midnight. His wife was not injured, authorities said. _ (via SBPDL)

Justin and Jamie Friedland (via SBPDL)

LA Times story on crime

“It’s affecting all businesses in Newark. People are afraid,” said Juan Arias, president of the Newark Merchants Association. “When it gets dark, people are afraid to go out even to buy milk, bread, food, butter.”

Even off-duty police officers fell victim and a botched gunpoint carjacking last July resulted in the death of Essex County Corrections Officer Debora Ferreira. _

Of course it is not just businesses in Newark that are affected. It is businesses — and homes — within a 50 mile radius of Newark that are under threat from “crime spillover.”

Image Source: Ron Unz, Race and Crime in America

The graph above illustrates a correlation coefficient comparison between racial composition of cities and crime rates. Unfortunately, such a comparison understates crime by both blacks and hispanics, because it fails to take into account “spillover crime” — crime that occurs in predominately white areas, but committed by black or hispanic criminals who “commute to work” outside of their home territories.

Always consider “crime spillover” when contemplating outings, vacations, or home locations. Caution friends and family members about this too oft-neglected phenomenon, and its potentially fatal consequences.

Prominent blacks are in denial , as are large numbers of whites and asians. Perhaps no one cued them into the fact that a censored black on white race war is on.

Wikipedia Map of Essex County area. The fatal carjacking took place in the Milburn area.

Race and Crime in America by Ron Unz

White Girl Bleed a Lot

Black Racism and Race Hatred

Violence Against Whites


Black on White Violence: Does it Matter?

It is important for US residents and visitors to the US to understand that US blacks are fighting a violent and deadly war against other US populations, and that the US government is doing nothing to apprise the nation of the deadly threat.

It is not necessary for you to go to the ghetto. The ghetto will come to you, with a vengeance. And yet no one in a position of responsibility is warning non-combatants of the danger.

Because this threat is not being addressed by authorities — and may even be encouraged by official and unofficial US government policies and behind the scenes actions — it is likely to grow worse.

It is important to learn to be both resilient and dangerous.

More: Another likely Obama voter was involved in a recent high profile shooting, this time at a Colorado high school. It is enough to make one wonder whether all probable Obama voters should be denied gun rights. Certainly the violent criminal profile and the Obama voter profile show significant overlap.

More: Yet another high profile shooting from earlier in the year perpetrated by a likely Obama voter. Obama supporters may be half right when they promote gun control legislation. Now all they need to do is specify that gun prohibitions apply only to Obama supporters, fundraisers and bundlers (and all who work for them). If such legislation were enforceable, US murder rates should drop precipitously, at least in most cities and metropolitan areas.

More: 25 Most Dangerous US Neighborhoods 2013

Expect to see more of this kind of thing as black males “spillover” into more rural communities, marrying single white mothers with young children:

A Stepfather's Privilege: 9 and 11 year old girls kept tied to beds, raped repeatedly

A Stepfather’s Privilege: 9 and 11 year old girls kept tied to beds, raped repeatedly

“It was just horrific for these children,” Scioto County Sheriff’s Capt. David Hall said. “There are reports these children were tied to their beds for weeks at a time.” __

The children all were beaten and tied to their beds, and the 44-year-old man arrested in the case also is charged with repeatedly raping his stepdaughters, ages 9 and 11, and abusing their 8-year-old brother, police said.” __

Single mothers of young children may feel that things could not get worse for them, simply by marrying a black man. But failing to understand the boiling cauldron of race-rage inside the minds of so many modern blacks — and failing to foresee the possible ramifications for her children — causes women who have already made so many poor decisions to make new ones that could easily prove fatal.

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