Natural Gas Says: “Who Needs Oil?”

Natural gas is cheap and abundant. If we could find an inexpensive way to convert natural gas into more valuable commodities such as gasoline, diesel, plastics, lubricants, fabric polymers, fertilisers, etc., the global need for oil would drop significantly.

Siluria has come up with a catalyst that it says promotes the breakdown and subsequent reassembly of methane at very low energy levels. It has built pilot plants in San Francisco, Menlo Park and Hayward, California and last week announced plans for building a full-scale demonstration plant in La Porte, Texas in conjunction with Braskem, the largest petrochemical manufacturer in South America. If that isn’t proof that Siluria is on to something, what is

The implications of this development are enormous. Natural gas is two to six times more abundant than oil in the world and is now selling at 1/5th the price for an equivalent amount of energy. The traditional tandem pricing of oil and natural gas prices has now been broken and gas is functioning as a completely different commodity, much cheaper. __ William Tucker

Natural Gas to Fuels, Polymers, Fertilisers, Lubricants, etc.

Natural Gas to Fuels, Polymers, Fertilisers, Lubricants, etc.

Siluria is developing inexpensive ways to convert cheap methane into more valuable products such as fuels, polymers, fertilisers, and more. More Siluria news.

Before Google shut it down, Al Fin Energy covered natural gas to liquids etc. extensively.

Most “energy journalists” focus on the increasing use of “compressed natural gas” for internal combustion engines, when writing about methane as a substitute for oil. But “gas to liquids” processes are more versatile, and it is easier to fit such products into the conventional product stream.

The “killer app” that will make the difference, is cheap industrial process heat from very high temperature nuclear reactors. That is the true key to the energy revolution.

Cheap Nuclear Process Heat Will Kill Peak Oil, Make EROEI Irrelevant, and Provide Abundant Affordable Heat And Power to Your Distant Progeny

Think positive, think big. Think Julian Simon-big.

Europe is in big trouble because of the lefty-Luddite dieoff.orgy green doomer takeover on the continent. Combined with its burgeoning demographic disaster, Europe is not the best bet for the future at this time. Australia barely dodged that bullet in its last elections.

Smart, resilient, and dangerous people must learn to think along multiple future scenarios. In some scenarios, most opportunities shut down and people will need to hunker down, using their skills to survive.

But in a few scenarios, opportunities open up. It would be nice to be in a position to take advantage of them should that occur.

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  1. bob sykes says:

    What is it with Europeans? Two generations ago, everyone was a Fascist or Nazi or Communist, and proud of it. There is something deeply wrong in European culture. How did we escape the worst of it?

    • Al Fin says:

      Who knows, perhaps it’s the homeschooling, religiosity, multiple competing sub-cultures and counter-cultures, hunting/fishing/prepping/gun culture, and so on.

      Europe? Political correctness. Belief in the official talking points. Herd orientation. Easily distracted and controlled by orchestrated cues. A thorough and enthusiastic group hatred for Emmanuel Goldstein, whoever he happens to be today. No idea who John Galt is, and don’t care, since nobody they know cares either. Don’t want children since there are too many humans already, and humans are destroying the planet.

      Anyone who is different emigrates or wants to emigrate.

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