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Green Vermont Invaded by Ethnic Drug Gangs

When one thinks of Vermont, he normally envisions peaceful villages set in green valleys, with mountains covered by flaming red and orange autumn leaves. The last thing one normally associates with pacifist, socialist Vermont is drug gangs and inner city … Continue reading

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When Al Fin Was Proven Wrong, He Changed His Mind; What Do You Do?

Al Fin was raised to believe strongly in many things. It was only after he was old enough to become sceptical, that he learned to moderate his beliefs, and to change his mind based upon new evidence. According to Nobel … Continue reading

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Obama’s EPA Holds a Gun to US Economy’s Head

The problem with lefty-green climate and energy policies is that they are based upon delusional ideas about climate science, and pie-in-the-sky ideas about big wind and big solar energy. Those delusions in combination are fatal to an economy. Energy is … Continue reading

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US Gun Production Skyrockets

According to figures from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives there were more than 8.57 million guns produced in the U.S in 2012… which is a 31 percent increase from the 6.54 million produced in 2011, and a … Continue reading

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High Value Trade Goods After the Apocalypse

Caution! The information below is intended for use in future planning after TSHTF. The activities described are mostly highly illegal at this time, and laws must be obeyed. Most prepper sites recommend things like silver coins, ammunition, fish hooks, seeds, … Continue reading

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Love Hurts, Truth Hurts, Beauty Hurts, But Suicide is Painless?

Life is hard, and then you die . . . attributed to Adam, husband of Eve, after having eaten of the fruit of the tree Life is what happens to us when we are making other plans. __ Allen Saunders … Continue reading

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Coming to a Frenzied Crossroads

Just at the time that modern humans are given unprecedented technological tools for free expression and for empowering our creative imaginations, governments are rapidly shutting down the avenues of opportunity and freedom of economic action we will need in the … Continue reading

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Shadows of Gun Laws in US vs. Elsewhere

In the US, gun rights have been expanding. As of 1986, slightly less than 10% of the U.S. population lived in states where there were objective and fair procedures for the issuance of concealed handgun carry permits. About a third … Continue reading

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European Dominance of the World

In 2003, Charles Murray set out to list the history of human achievement in the arts and the sciences. He intended to list the achievements of all cultures and peoples in as balanced a way as possible. But he discovered, … Continue reading

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Combat Training for Dangerous Children: Never Too Early, Never Too Late

When is the best time to begin training a child to defend himself and his loved ones? Before he is born. But for now we will focus on when and how children should be trained to be ready for combat, … Continue reading

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Cool Revolution: A New Way to Keep Beer Cold

Modern air conditioners and refrigerators have too many moving parts, are expensive to buy and run, and require too many expensive repairs. Researchers are hard at work, devising simpler, hardier, less expensive replacement systems for cooling and refrigerating which amount … Continue reading

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Is IQ Written in the Genes?

Image: VDare A recent study from King’s College London once again raises the issue of “the intelligence genes,” or specific genes that appear to be particularly influential in cognition. An international team of scientists, led by King’s, analysed DNA samples … Continue reading

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The Swiss Resistance Strikes Again

The Swiss resistance convinced Hitler to keep his bloody hands off Switzerland in WWII. Now the Swiss are once again standing up against outside invasion. This time, the Swiss resistance is serving to bolster a Europe-wide resistance against a veritable … Continue reading

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Hope and Change vs. The American Dream

Argentina’s government has a head start on Obama, but Obama seems determined to catch up. Obamacare set to obliterate over 2 million US jobs over few years. The real toll is likely to be far worse, once the cascading catastrophe … Continue reading

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Beneath the Censored Complexity of Climate Chaos

Earth’s climate is complex and chaotic. It is driven by the interaction of a variable sun with large oceans, land masses, atmospheric gases, and the activity of the biosphere — including human actions. Moreover, Earth’s climate is driven by complex … Continue reading

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How Does An Ice Age Start? It started in 2015, when the snow stayed. The high reflectivity of snow prevented the ground’s absorption of the sun’s rays. The air is warmed by the ground radiating heat originally absorbed from the sun. The result was snow … Continue reading

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Who Stole Our Rites of Passage?

Is Decay of Society Directly Linked to Lack of Meaningful Rites of Passage? In traditional societies, life is full of rites of passage — public affirmations of a person’s movement through life. Some spare remnants of traditional passage rites continue … Continue reading

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Clear Coded Comms

How to Survive on a Desert Island Don’t get hurt (or sick). Salvage any useful items. Find sources of food and fresh water. Build a shelter. Basic rules of survival for human animals. But because humans need more than mere … Continue reading

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A Big Deal: Amy Chua and a Society that Can’t Handle the Truth

The last time Al Fin looked at Amy Chua (pictured below with husband Jed Rubenfeld) was in connection with the Tiger Mother furor. As fascinating as the Tiger Mother phenomenon turned out to be, Chua’s newest foray into popular non-fiction … Continue reading

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Solar System to Earth: Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Perhaps We Should Stop Looking at Earth as a Closed System There are over 1,500 asteroids that are as easy to get to as the surface of the Moon. They are also in Earth-like orbits with small gravity fields, making … Continue reading

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