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How to Survive on a Desert Island

Don’t get hurt (or sick). Salvage any useful items. Find sources of food and fresh water. Build a shelter. Basic rules of survival for human animals. But because humans need more than mere survival, we at Al Fin continue development of the Dangerous Child Method.

A fascinating orchestrated assault on a California power station.

The sniper attack above looks like a preliminary probing attack. Perhaps by a squad of enemy special forces. Or even by disaffected Swiss immigrants to California. The Swiss are routinely trained and become skilled in subversive methods to resist invaders.

Europe is immersed in mafia-level corruption from top to bottom. Unfortunately, much of the Anglosphere suffers from the same disease. Such levels of widespread corruption make a meaningful global economic recovery almost impossible.

Reforming the system is virtually impossible, due to the deepness of the rot and the humongous size of the beast. Most approaches taken by preppers and survivalists are unlikely to work over the long term, due to a failure to think comprehensively. Human survival takes place in cooperative groups.

If a politico-economic collapse (combined with likely wars of convenience and ethnic cleansing) lasts long enough, only those with the largest stockpiles and the ability to grow and produce their own supplies, will resist the looting marauders. That means competent, multi-talented cooperating groups of significan size.

Of course, we could evolve into a new species, with super-intelligence and super-strength. Or certain research groups may learn to genetically modify special squads of humans for specific purposes, using CRISPR and other advanced gene coding techniques. It may be easier than we currently understand.

In the meantime we will need to avoid the quicksands of pseudo-doom that entrap so many persons who were never given a sound foundation for broad, rational thought.

Too many otherwise normal people get caught up in nonsense doom-theories and conspiracy-theories, wasting their faculties and resources on fantasy.

The underlying problem is a combination of corruption and incompetence in high places. Demographic decline and a global dysgenic trend add to the downward momentum.

Intercommunicating islands of competence dispersed within the larger dysfunctional societies, offer the best long-term hope, if politico-economic collapse (combined with the inevitable wars and insurrections) hit before the necessary technology of long-term prosperity is developed and distributed.

These islands of competence will form the nucleus of recovery, in the aftermath.

But wise persons prepare for both opportunity and collapse. Advanced societies are perched on the verge of great opportunity. If just a few of the possible disruptive technologies are developed, most potential causes for collapse could be wiped away like dust on a cabinet.

HFTB-PFTW; And also prepare for opportunities which might crop up.

Be smart. Be resilient. Be dangerous. And be careful.


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    Sounds like Asimov’s Foundation series.

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