How Does An Ice Age Start?

How Does An Ice Age Start? Image: NASA via WUWT

How Does An Ice Age Start?
Image: NASA via WUWT

It started in 2015, when the snow stayed. The high reflectivity of snow prevented the ground’s absorption of the sun’s rays. The air is warmed by the ground radiating heat originally absorbed from the sun. The result was snow instead of rain.

Three years on, Canada was a shambles. Two thirds of the nation was out of work and on the run, almost all of them to the south. The rest were packing. The Americans welcomed them with open arms, at first. After all, if a million or so Mexicans came across the Rio Grande every year, surely they could absorb some Canucks. But they faced pressures too. With a shortened growing season, corn, one of the most caloric-intense foods on the planet, and the staple of the American diet, could no longer be grown. Millions would go hungry.

Of the Canadians who remained, they soon realized it was a losing battle. There’s only so much snow you can push. You can only build a snowblower so big. All trains were equipped with massive snowblowers, the types that previously had been seen only in the mountains. A few years later, trains could no longer run. The snow and ice had accumulated to the point where a track was simply a blown-in tunnel in a 15-foot tall snow bank.

By 2020, 85 per cent of Canada was no longer inhabitable. The capital for those that remained was moved to Vancouver. Most provinces ceased to exist, their borders erased by the ice sheets. _News Optimist

Predicting anything is hard, but especially the future. That is particularly true when conventional wisdom — AKA the politically correct skankstream — is maintaining a full court press defense in support of a massive set of predictions that have already failed.

Don’t believe anything you see on the internet. Believe even less anything your government, media, or friendly local academic tells you.

While North America has experienced a rather cold winter so far, there is no reason to think that it is the start of a 100,000 year ice age. Perhaps a 100 – 300 year mini-ice age, but certainly no longer than 1,000 years. For sure. Bet on it. Take it to the bank. Or not.

In line for record Great Lakes freeze


Bonus: The only part of the world with minimal land station temperature monitoring shows a 20 year cooling trend at the rate of -2.5 F per century! The parts of the world with almost no land monitoring coverage are touted as showing catastrophic warming! This is a convenient crisis, residing largely in the minds of doomers, destroying Europe’s industrial base, and distorting political regimes around the world to no purpose other than corrupt cronyism and organised criminal profit-taking.

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2 Responses to How Does An Ice Age Start?

  1. Sam says:

    From what I’ve read for the last 2 million years we’ve had 10,000 years of warm like now followed by 90,000 of cold in roughly 100K year cycles. It’s been 10,000 years. Hmm…maybe the Mayans were talking about the coming ice age.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Look at the chart that leads the next article, “Beneath the Censored Complexity of Climate Chaos.” Part of the display shows glaciation periods over the past million years, as revealed through proxies. Periods of glaciation are more irregular than usually believed, and shorter periods of glaciation — between 1,000 and 5,000 years may not even be detected by most proxies. We are still living in an ice age — which is another way of saying that Earth currently has year-round polar ice caps.

      Cold is the natural state of most planets. Even Mercury has a cold side..

      The mainstream theory of climate is disastrously inadequate and wrong on too many points. It is not ready for prime time, and certainly not ready to bet the world’s economic and technological futures upon it. Corruption combined with incompetence and a dysgenic demographic trend are doing in the advanced nations of Europe and the Anglosphere. Ideologically based political correctness is just the toxic icing on the cake.

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