Hope and Change vs. The American Dream

Obama envisions an Argentina-like future for America

Obama envisions an Argentina-like future for America

Argentina’s government has a head start on Obama, but Obama seems determined to catch up.

Obamacare set to obliterate over 2 million US jobs over few years. The real toll is likely to be far worse, once the cascading catastrophe gets started.

Almost 3 million US jobs vanished last month. The real unemployment figure is closer to 30% than to 7%. Only government accounting shenanigans help the US media to hide the reality.

As we have mentioned here before, the only thing that has kept the head of the Obamanation’s economy above water, is the fracking shale oil & gas revolution. And Obama’s EPA would have killed that if it has seen it coming.

Market economies abound with opportunity, but government bureaucracy controlled economies abound with tyranny and corruption. Guess which direction Obama is steering the US economy? And if the US goes the way of Argentina, it will not just be the future of the US at hazard, but the hopes and dreams of western civilisation. Elections (even fraudulent elections) have consequences.

Obama killed the American Dream

Tyranny vs. Opportunity

Old school Americans have an instinctual regard for freedom and opportunity, closely linked to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But demographic change is sweeping the US, and freedom-minded Americans are becoming an endangered species. US school systems can hardly be bothered to teach US Constitutional history anymore.

Groupthink indoctrination is all the rage in classrooms from K-U. And don’t forget the deluge of third-world aliens sweeping across unguarded borders — aliens without any concept of Constitutional freedoms, or any loyalty to the linked ideas of freedom and responsibility.

Modern power structures are linked — government, media, academia, organised crime, labour unions, political and environmental activist groups, etc. — and have no intention of giving back any of the power they have wrested away from the people.

If you want some of that power back, you had best learn to be dangerous and smart — and teach your children to be doubly dangerous and smart. They will need it.

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  1. Matt Musson says:

    I am glad to see that someone else is looking at the Labor Dept’s ‘unadjusted’ numbers.
    They announced the ‘adjusted’ number to the press that the economy added 134,000 jobs.
    Anyone who was interested could look at the unadjusted numbers and see that the economy
    lost 3 Million jobs last month.

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