Combat Training for Dangerous Children: Never Too Early, Never Too Late

When is the best time to begin training a child to defend himself and his loved ones? Before he is born. But for now we will focus on when and how children should be trained to be ready for combat, when the real world crashes through their bubble of protection.

Here are a few viewpoints on the question of combat training for children:

How early is too early? My answer is, if they can walk, they’re ready. My 2 year old loves tumbling and climbing games. If I’m dancing to some music, he’ll come and join me. If he can squeeze his way in, he’ll help push the wheel barrow every time. When we go for walks, he likes to walk the tops of the paving stones that line sidewalks in some yards. By encouraging these he’s learning a lot about balance and how to control movement. Fitness and combat training are habits, just like work ethic and decency, your kids will follow how you lead. …

Training with children should be focused on the basics. General flexibility, stamina, healthy habits, and proper form for things like body weight exercises, and self defense. …

I’ll recommend you wait until the child in question is responsible enough for a weapon, be it knife or gun or bow. Then introduce them to the weapon under supervision to ensure they know how to safely carry and deploy it. My dad is a hunter, so we always knew the basic rules of gun safety, he would even bring us with him if he was headed out to shoot some clays. _Calamity Jane

Jane brings up an interesting point: Each child is different, and will reveal his readiness for more advanced weapons training in his own time. It is the parent’s and trainer’s responsibility to pay attention to what the child reveals.

The kids in Krav Maga classes learn about two-handed chokeholds, going for the eyes and how to cause the most damage with a hit to the face. Why do elementary school kids need these skills?

To use on strangers of course. The dangerous kind, that might pop out from behind any given shrubbery and attack you.

Teachers stress that the kids should never use these skills unless they are being attacked by a stranger. _Babble

Krav Maga is a pared-down method of martial arts/ personal combat similar to “attack-proofing,” which is similar to the Bradley Steiner system. Take martial arts, remove the ceremony, and keep only what is effective on the street.

The media never tires of telling us that our children are at risk. But the very thought of teaching our children to be dangerous enough to both avoid threats and to deal with unanticipated threats, gives mainstream intellectuals a horrific case of the heebie jeebies.

Sheltered modern children are only a short trip to the city away from a violent world of unrestrained primitivism. Even worse things await them should they become lost in cities from Miami to Rio to Sydney to Paris to Mexico City. If you have not prepared your children for what is out there waiting for them, who will you blame when tragedy strikes them?

Modern children are raised as helpless sheep to the slaughter. Pampered, sheltered from responsibility, protected from harsh real-world realities until it is too late, and the walls of the dysfunctional outside world crash down on them.

It is never too early — and never too late — to have a dangerous childhood.

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