High Value Trade Goods After the Apocalypse

Caution! The information below is intended for use in future planning after TSHTF. The activities described are mostly highly illegal at this time, and laws must be obeyed.

Most prepper sites recommend things like silver coins, ammunition, fish hooks, seeds, and such as trade goods after TSHTF. Those are fine, but I am going to suggest a few high value items that you can make or grow yourself.

Many of these things are currently illegal to make and sell at this time. For now, just learn the basics, lay the groundwork, and wait for TSTHTF. As soon as TS has well and truly HTF, you will be safe to knock yourself out with these bad boys.

Make and sell your own high quality whisky.

A new trend is sweeping the nation — the trend of micro-distilleries. Government regulations can be tricky, and the spirit quality is all over the astral plane. Making a profit the legal way is brutal, but after TSHTF, it will be easy. We at the Al Fin Institutes for Better Whisky recommend keeping your product quality high, however brisk the market.

Stay away from rotgut and other toxic spirits. Learn to make good whisky, provide only the best.

Produce a high quality nanobrew beer

Beer is much more popular even than whisky, if it is readily available. Learn to brew it right, from scratch, and after the Feds and the competition are swept away by the apocalypse, you will be positioned to move in for the profits.

How to Grow Tobacco

What? You think that post-apocalyptics will no longer smoke, chew, or use snuff? Think again. After decades of government oppression, the lowly tobacco plant is ready to make a comeback — once Armageddon makes quick work of the gestapo.

How to Grow Marijuana

Marijuana has been around for a long time, and it will still be around long after the words “Drug Enforcement Administration” are forgotten. When used in moderation by adults, it is a valuable relaxant and herbal medication.

Hashish production can provide a valuable sideline, for the demanding customer.

After you take the trouble to develop your primo strain, make sure to keep or destroy all of your seeds. Adolescents should not be given this drug. The immature brain can be harmed.

How to Grow Opium and Make Heroin

For pain relief and relaxation, opium and its derivatives are hard to beat.

Remember, though, to wait until after TSHTF before going into production.

Making Ecstasy and other Phenethylamines

Pure ecstasy used infrequently in small amounts, is safe and useful for counseling and psychotherapy.

Make sure your lab technique is flawless, your chemicals are pure, and your apparatus kept clean.

Again, wait until the Feds are gone before entering this lucrative post-apocalyptic trade.

Making Speed

After TSHTF, for the first few seasons, survivors will have to work long stretches at a time without sleep. Planting, harvesting, keeping watch, and even combat. You can always sleep later, if you survive the next hours or days.

Amphetamine can give you those extra hours of alertness to keep you alive and to let you preserve what you have worked for — at a price. If the alternative is death or destitution in the middle of apocalypse, I think I know the choice that most people would make.

Making Basic Chemicals

The thing that will keep drug manufacturers in business and relatively free of competition after TSHTF, is the relative paucity of basic chemicals. By learning to make your own basic chemicals, you will be able to provide your own operations with raw material. You will also be able to supply dozens of cottage industries which are unrelated to your own core businesses, giving you multiple income streams.

Start your own religion

This is one of the few activities presented here which is still currently legal. But since religion operates on a different level than law or traditional civil society, having your own religion allows you to operate on more levels, and get more done.

Gary North points out the usefulness of a secret religion, when seeking to bypass many of the constrictions of a totalitarian government.

Survival — and prosperity — operate best in the group setting. Religion is one of the most successful methods of linking people together with a common purpose. The trick is finding an empowering religion that resonates inside yourself and inside others with whom you wish to work cooperatively (and sometimes secretly).

Provide a secure space for gambling and safe prostitution

This quick overview on how to start a brothel may provide a few ideas which will be applicable in an age of looser law enforcement. Above all, help everyone involved to feel safe and comfortable. That means regular medical checks for workers and a careful screening and limiting of clientele.

Starting a casino will also be easier in the absence of federal LEOAs and state gaming commissions.

Throw in live music and occasional refereed prize fights and even teetotalers who also happen to be impotent can find an excuse to visit and sip their sarsaparilla.

In point of fact, anyone in a post-apocalyptic society capable of supplying smooth whisky, high quality tobacco, and consistent-strength mind altering and mind-fortifying drugs, and a safe place to gamble and fornicate, will eventually become a significant holder of gold, silver, weapons, and ammunition. They are likely to serve as a loan agency, or de facto banker as a result.

Remember, most of the commercial activities described above are currently against the law. Do not engage in those activities until law enforcement as we know it has ceased to exist. At that point, you will need to keep your head down until the first few waves of violence sweep around you. When things settle down, lay the groundwork for a peaceful community that is very dangerous to outsiders with ill intent. Being a provider of both gold, weapons, and other things that people want, can make you a central and respected part of the community.

People tend to forget that slavery is as old as humanity itself, and has never gone away. After TSHTF, marauding gangs will murder, rape, and enslave their way first through inner cities, then through the suburbs, then into the surrounding countryside. It may be that the slaves will come to envy the dead.

HFTB-PFTW. It is never too late to have a dangerous childhood.

A December 2011 Al Fin blog look at useful trade goods after TSHTF

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  1. FrankC says:

    That infographic on brewing beer is carp. It has missed out on the vital step of malting the barley. No malting, no malt sugar, no beer.

  2. alfin2101 says:

    Frank, are you suggesting that there is something fishy about this infographic? 😉

    You may note that the graphic also says nothing about the growing, preparation, selection, and staging of the hops, or the development and perpetuation of the yeast. Very little detail is provided on fermenting, ageing, bottling or kegging.

    In fact it is difficult to include all the important steps of a highly skilled craft in a brief infographic. The graphic describes the bulk of the process without going into excessive detail, for the sake of general interest.

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