US Gun Production Skyrockets

According to figures from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives there were more than 8.57 million guns produced in the U.S in 2012… which is a 31 percent increase from the 6.54 million produced in 2011, and a 57 percent leap from the 5.45 million produced in the 2010 report….

In fact, in the first four years of the Obama administration, over 26 million guns were produced in the United States, compared with just 25.05 million guns made during the entire eight years of the Bush administration.

Compared with the eight-year Clinton administration’s production figures of 33 million, the current administration is on target to break that figure as well. _Chris Eger in Lew Rockwell via

There is omething about US President Obama that makes people want to buy guns — lots of guns.

Obama sells lots of guns

Here is more information on guns in the US, in graphical form and by simple statistics:

American Gun Facts Infographic

Basic statistics about guns in the US

More information about the US Second Amendment and some reasons for the unique American view of gun rights.

Guns Save Lives

If not for high crime rates inside inner cities, and the associated spillover crime that occurs in nearby areas, violent crime rates in the US would be far lower — and Americans would have far less dependency on firearms for self defence.

As it stands, in some parts of the US it is almost criminal not to keep a loaded gun handy to protect those one cares about.

HFTB-PFTW. It is never too late to have a dangerous childhood.

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