Taking Control Over the Violent Felon

The desire to assert control is one of the reasons why men become violent in the first place. If he achieves his objective violently, the violence is apt to become habitual.

Sometimes violence is necessary — as in civilian self-defence or in combat. But when violence becomes habitual in inappropriate settings, ordinary non-violent people need to be able to “take control” away from the violent offender to prevent ongoing violence.

In the US, the traditional way of doing this is either with a firearm, with overwhelming numbers, or both. The quest for better non-lethal weapons continues, but they are not always effective or widely available.

Below-the-brain levels of control

Below-the-brain levels of control

First, we will have to decide “at what level” we wish to intervene — the brain, spine, peripheral nervous system, or autonomic nervous system.

A sleeper hold if done properly will put the person out for only a number of seconds, as long as you release the hold as soon as consciousness flees. If you maintain the hold too tightly for too long, there is a risk of brain damage or death. This is intervention on the level of the brain, via its blood supply. It is quick and effective, but often difficult to achieve in a timely fashion.

Tranquilizer guns and gases are other potentially effective ways intervene at the level of the brain. Sedation will not be rapid unless you introduce sufficient drug into the venous system (and sometimes the lungs), but will be deep and prolonged if the dosage is adequate. Novices will typically either overdose or underdose the subject. Death is possible with overdoses of specific drugs, if effects are not countered.

On the television show Dexter, the protagonist injected “horse tranquilizer” directly into the necks of the murderers that he intended to kill. This would put them out for a variable time period depending on size and metabolism, giving Dexter time to move the killers into his own controlled kill space. But that’s television, so don’t try it at home.

Real violence is not like anything you see in the movies or the ring. Ask any street cop or soldier: Real violence is total chaos and cannot be defended against with either patterned technique training or sport fighting. __ Book Review of John Perkins’ Attack Proof

These non-lethal weapons intervene at various levels, and are typically not available to civilians. But they should give you some ideas for at-home improvised weaponry.

Ordinary Tasers and pepper spray are available to some, and can be temporarily effective against many attackers — but not all. And the time you have to get away from the attack will vary, depending on the attacker(s) and the overall situation. Tasers affect both peripheral and central nervous systems temporarily. Pepper spray affects the peripheral nervous system with some autonomic overtones if spray gets in the eyes or nose.

Tasers and pepper spray for sale

Those of you who read yesterday’s article may sense that I have other approaches in mind, perhaps ones that I do not wish to disclose publicly at this time. But that would just be your opinion, and you have no way of proving it. 😉

But if you focus on ways of making a violent felon weaker, a wide range of possible approaches should introduce themselves with a warm and hearty handshake.


  1. Chemical approaches (paralytics, rapid sedatives, dissociative agents)
  2. Electromagnetic approaches (light, electricity, microwaves, etc)
  3. Mechanical approaches (constricting nets, foams, membranes, traps etc)
  4. Sound effects (loud noises, ultrasonics, etc)
  5. Hypno-psychological approaches (suggestion, illusion, distraction, confusion)

These are just a few basic approaches, of a simple nature. A bit of thought should take you deeper.

Consider, for example, how threatening a felon would be when in the throes of violent non-stop vomiting and diarrhea along with extreme abdominal cramping. There are a number of non-lethal ways of putting someone into that state, depending upon the circumstances.

We need to learn how to do these things ahead of time, before we are confronted by a violent felon or felons. In the heat of the moment is no time to try to remember a technical method for disabling the felon(s).

Multicultural societies have embarked upon a dangerous path of bad government, economic dysfunction, and increasingly violent dysgenic decline. It is becoming more difficult for multicultural societies to limit the impact of this violence to a few multicultural neighborhoods.

HFTB-PFTW. We should practise situational awareness at every opportunity. Be safe but be dangerous. Be competent, skilled, and resilient.

More: Read this article on The Future of Brain Implants and ruminate on how such ideas might be applied to the topic above.


Eventually neural implants will make the transition from being used exclusively for severe problems such as paralysis, blindness or amnesia. They will be adopted by people with less traumatic disabilities. When the technology has advanced enough, implants will graduate from being strictly repair-oriented to enhancing the performance of healthy or “normal” people. They will be used to improve memory, mental focus (Ritalin without the side effects), perception and mood (bye, bye Prozac).

More on taking away control from the violent felon in the future.

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4 Responses to Taking Control Over the Violent Felon

  1. James Bowery says:

    Virtual reality coffins.

    A little anecdote: Back in the early 90’s a friend of mine told me about a friend of his who married into the Hollywood mafia. There was some interest at that time in doing business with the Chinese regarding the male surplus: How do you control a population with too many young males? This in-law to the Hollywood mafia was shopping around a business idea: Mass produce something called, and I’m not kidding when I say this, “virtual reality coffins” where the young men would be essentially locked away in a perfectly addictive virtual realty. You would have to feed them minimal nourishment and keep them drugged but essentially they’d stay there voluntarily.

    I thought this was a great basis for a scifi story of course.

    During the production of “Independence Day”, I was having dinner with the woman whose company designed and built the mobile lab for Roland Emmerich’s “Universal Soldier” and she told me that we could get a job working on “Independence Day”. I demurred but asked her about her relationship with Emmerich. One of the things she said was that she let a screen writer stay at her place in Malibu to get away from people to work on scripts — I don’t recall if it was Emmerich himself, Devlin or someone associated with them. In any event, I decided to unload my idea scifi idea on her:

    A world where only two cultures remained in meat-space: The Hollywood Moguls (and their minions) and the Wild People.

    The Hollywood Moguls kept the young men in virtual reality coffins interacting with virtual reality chicks while the Hollywood Moguls enjoyed a meat space stocked with a gross surplus of females.

    The wild people had become so alienated by this degenerate destiny of civilization that they had reverted to single combat as the appeal of last resort in dispute processing, killing any man who declared his individual sovereignty that then refused a challenge to a mutual hunt in nature.

    Occasionally there would be a young man who would sort of “wake up” from his virtual reality coffin, and would want to find a real woman, but if he tried to get out of his VR coffin he’d be so weakened from muscle atrophy, and so ill educated in the realities of meat-space that he’d give up on his own and crawl back into its womb-like safety.

    However, there was one young man who awoke and understood the full horror of what had been done to him and others. He crawled out and kept crawling until he escaped into the wild where he would have starved if he hadn’t been spotted by a young wild woman who took pity on him and convinced the other wild people that they shouldn’t just let him die.

    The story goes on from there to various police actions by the Hollywood Moguls to domesticate the wild people, their resistance and …. well that’s all I’ll go into now.

    Imagine my surprise when a few years later, Roland Emmerich produced “The 13th Floor” — a story about people in virtual reality.

    Of course, the story was nothing like mine.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Virtual reality may well grow into an excellent adjunct to lawful confinement. In fact, VR is such a potentially promising approach to dealing with particular types of offenders — both violent and non-violent — that it should be a top priority of government-funded penological research.

      Combine VR coffins with Stephen’s “intense injection” approach as aversive feedback, and we may well be on our way to reducing the multicultural crime problem currently threatening to make large numbers of cities unlivable.

      A more immediate experimental approach using psychological pharmacology involves “erasing” dysfunctional memories and reflexive thought to action pathways.

      It is important to match the drug with the carefully controlled environment, which is made easier by involuntary confinement. Particular drugs which might be used include the dissociatives, benzodiazepines, various autonomic agonists and antagonists, and of course carefully crafted drug combinations, in proper time sequence. Well placed deep brain electrodes could also prove helpful in this type of pharmaco-neuro-behavioural therapy. Subliminal neurofeedback is another useful tool.

      Shades of Clockwork Orange? Anthony Burgess could have only wished to understand neuroscience at 2014 levels of sophistication.

      But before you can work on the violent felon’s brain, you must first find him, subdue him, and lawfully bring him into the proper therapeutic environment.

      Very spooky sounding, I know. But if we don’t want to be overwhelmed by the exploding epidemic of violent crime in multicultural cities, we need to attack the problem at multiple levels. .

      • James Bowery says:

        If we’re talking about the human ecological disasters created by modern technologies for transport and habitation resulting in panmixia, there is one area that no one has looked at seriously that is entirely obvious once you consider the evolutionary psychology of sexual selection:

        Women playing “Let’s you and he fight.”

        Basically, the inattention to natural migratory patterns (patterns that favor nubile, childless females over males crossing territorial boundaries in virtually all sexual species), has resulted in artificial backing of males crossing territorial boundaries. This artificial backing is not something to which the female neurophysiology is adapted, so the natural response is that the immigrant male must be mated with in order to attain, for her offspring, immunity to the diseases for which he is a vector as well as obtaining for her offspring the “obviously” superior genes of a male who can come waltzing into a territory without being challenged by the autochthonous males. The fact that hte government backs the invading males with sexual sadism in the prison system, frequently at the hands of gangs made up of just such invading males, is never brought fully to consciousness in any of the hapless victims of this ill-designed zoo.

        The result is that the females engage in behavior that pits the autochthonous males against the invading males and, failing that, pits the autochthonous males against the females themselves to see if the autochthonous males are good for anything but changing the diapers of the children sired by the invading males (after being duly subdued).

        One would be hard pressed to come up with a less humane treatment of the animals in one’s care, and one should not be surprised if all manner of social pathology were to result including the most obvious of symptoms: senseless violence. This, of course, ignores the possible dysgenic results of the sexual selection that would go on.

        So there are a number of areas where one can attack this problem. One of them is to examine more carefully the female evolutionary psychology that results in inappropriately provocative behavior, and see if there are any interventions that might be less costly and get closer to the root causes.

  2. alfin2101 says:

    You seem to be describing the modern barbarian female who is lacking the mental and emotional accoutrements of civilisation. Of course that would be most modern females. Modern parents have generally abdicated their child-raising duties to child care, K-12, colleges, society, and the state. Without the benefit of a wisely cultured upbringing, female (and male) behaviours are pretty much what we see.

    Senseless violence is the least of our problems arising from a general decay of the human substrate, or the rapid loss of human capital. But it is a problem that sometimes grabs the headlines or broadcast news spotlight. Even dull-witted moderns will eventually notice that there is a problem in multicultural wonderland, and a few of them may stumble upon rational responses.

    Prison is where the worst of the worst do their worst on a daily basis. Sadly, a lot of multicultural neighborhoods are coming to resemble prisons in many aspects of residential experience. That trend can only get worse as long as society and the state remain unwilling to acknowledge root causes.

    Improving the human substrate is probably beyond our ability for now, but holding persons accountable for their actions may be possible, in some cases. And that is something that a lot of such persons won’t like.

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