Missing Heat, Missing Water, Missing Carbon: One Place to Look

A great deal of money and time is being devoted to solving the mystery of Earth’s missing heat. But perhaps climate boffins are looking in the wrong place? Perhaps the missing heat is hiding along with missing water and missing hydrocarbons — under the crust.

A tiny crystal found in a diamond has confirmed predictions about a giant store of water deep in the Earth’s mantle. The rock is the first direct evidence to back up theoretical models made over 20 years ago, and suggests the vast underground ‘reservoir’ – 500km below Earth’s surface – could hold more water than all the world’s oceans combined.__ Chemistry World

Subduction Boundary

Subduction Boundary

Image Source: Geology 1403

When oceanic crust converges with continental crust, it subducts beneath the continental boundary — taking large amounts of water, organic material, and hydrocarbons along with it. A significant amount of heat goes along for the ride, but not enough heat to explain the inconvenient ongoing hiatus in global warming.

The subducted water plays an important role in the formation of volcanoes. Subducted organic matter and hydrocarbons play an important role in the evolution of mantle and deep-crust carbon.

This dynamic recycling of water, hydrocarbons, and oceanic crust is driven by the engine of plate tectonics.

Magma upwelling in midocean ridge drives movement of plates

Besides the resulting earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and other natural phenomena, the recharging of oil & gas wells by hydrocarbons in the mantle is of potential economic importance.

Hydrocarbons move up from the mantle

As for the “missing heat,” climate boffins will need to continue scratching their heads. Every “explanation” they have come up with so far reeks with the stench of desperation and implausibility. The next thing they will likely claim is that the missing heat is hiding inside Earth’s molten core.

The sad truth is that Earth’s dynamic chaos cannot be captured by any man’s computer model, mental model, or artificial ideology. Real scientists love a mystery and are not so eager to shut off debate.

More: Commenter Dan Kurt points us to S. Warren Carey’s 1988 book Theories of the Earth and Universe, which presents an alternative view to the subduction theory of plate tectonics. Another presentation of the Expanding Earth theory

Wikipedia: Expanding Earth Theory This Wikipedia article attempts to look at the competing geological theories from a “weight of evidence” standpoint.

Here is the interesting thing about this geological debate: It is open to anyone who can present better ways to explain the evidence, or better ways to accumulate new evidence. Sure, opinions run hot and sharp in geology as in all sciences and human endeavours. But without the interference of the heavy cold and fatal hand of national and international politics, most geologic debates take place openly and honestly — unlike the artificially closed debate in “climate science.”

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4 Responses to Missing Heat, Missing Water, Missing Carbon: One Place to Look

  1. Dan_Kurt says:

    This article begs the question that subduction is happening. As the settled science of global warming is smoke and mirrors so is subduction theory. Sam Carey’s book Theories of the Earth and Universe, Stanford, 1988, has a chapter that demolishes the subduction theory.

    Dan Kurt

  2. alfin2101 says:

    Yes, the article makes that assumption. I have not had the pleasure of reading Carey’s book, nor even hearing of it until now. Thanks for the information.

    Initial reaction: If Carey’s book demolishing subduction theory (and plate tectonics?) was published in 1988, why has it not set the geologic world on fire over the past 26 years? And sure, I want to take a look at the evidence that ties his theory together, all the same.

  3. Dan Kurt says:

    Dear Al fin,

    re: Initial reaction by AF

    All my adult life I have encountered examples of “science” ignoring evidence and “scientists” continuing as if nothing changed. In Non-Scientific fields it is even worse for instance, socialism has failed ever time it has been tried but it continues to be the wave of the future.

    I find solace in reading and rereading Thomas Kuhn’s book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

    As to Dr. Carey, I discovered him and his writing just about the time he died so when I wrote to him I was alerted by his University that he had passed. Carey was over 90 at death and as a Geologist in his prime had championed and promoted the subduction theory. Later in his life he came to believe it was an error.

    Dan Kurt

  4. neilfutureboy says:

    This would be a very slow and continuous process so it couldn’t explain the sudden “hiatus” in CAGW for the last 16-20 years. That can only be explained by the entire catastrophic warming theory being bull.

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