Vladimir Putin: Richest Man On Earth @ $75 bill?

Vladimir Putin is president of a nation with the world’s largest land area, a country loaded with rich natural resources that are worth a lot of money on the global market. For many years it has been claimed that Putin is also the world’s richest man, by virtue of blatant corruption.

Current President of Russia Vladimir Putin has an estimated net worth of $75 billion in 2013. He has been serving the post since May 7, 2012. Since 2008, he has been serving as the Chairman of political party, United Russia. ___ The Claim

Read more at the link above for more detail about the claim.

President Putin merely smiles like a Cheshire cat when he demurs:

“It’s just chitchat, nonsense, nothing to discuss,” he said. “They picked it out of their noses and smeared it on their pieces of paper.” _Bloomberg

But look a little closer at what it means to be president of today’s utterly corrupt Russia:

… in Russia, the national leader does not need money or assets as such. He has the whole country at his beck and call. It is enough for Putin to snap his fingers, and state-owned companies will cede assets to his friends at bargain-basement prices. A whisper from him, and wealthy private businessmen will chip in for the lavish refurbishment of a presidential residence.

… Putin [is] not intending to give up power at all. His third presidential term runs out in 2018, and he will be eligible for another one after that if he feels up to it at age 65. He has plenty of time to convert his vast power and the favors he has done his friends and family into actual cash and assets. At this point, it is simply unnecessary. The country’s “capitalists” are merely holding and exploiting property on behalf of the state — meaning, ultimately, on behalf of Putin, the collector of votes and emotions. _Bloomberg

In other words, according to the author it is all a matter of how one keeps his accounts. In reality, Putin is the wealthiest man in the world, with a vast amount of room for “plausible deniability.”

Is Tsar Vlad both the wealthiest AND most powerful man on Earth? Both wealth and power are revealed in multiple ways.

The most startling part of Washington’s sanctions on Russian businessmen loyal to President Vladimir Putin may be a single sentence that contains an explosive allegation: that Putin himself profits from the world’s No. 4 oil trading company, Gunvor.

Among the people the United States sanctioned on Thursday as part of its drive to put pressure on Russia for its intervention in Ukraine was businessman Gennady Timchenko, a long-time acquaintance of Putin and, until this week, co-owner of Geneva-based Gunvor, which trades nearly 3 percent of the world’s oil.

In announcing the sanctions, the Treasury Department went a step further, adding a single sentence that hits squarely at one of the most controversial topics that Putin has faced in 13 years as the Kremlin ruler and head of the government.

“Timchenko activities in the energy sector have been directly linked to Putin. Putin has investments in Gunvor and may have access to Gunvor funds,” the statement said. __Reuters

The startling thing about the Gunvor claims have nothing to do with possible access to Gunvor funds. Rather, the ability to control certain aspects of oil trading on a global scale represents vast power and wealth to a nation holding some of the world’s largest reserves of hydrocarbons.

In other words, “the news” is never the news. The news is what rests unspoken beneath “the news.”

One thing is for sure: Neither Bill Gates nor Carlos Slim have nuclear ICBMs, nor do they have conventional forces to match Putin’s.

Obama would like to have that kind of wealth. Since being “selected” as US president, he and his family have grown accustomed to lives of privilege. But Obama lacks the Putinesque ability to convince billionaire oligarchs to hand over their wealth and assets or else. Obama will have to go the way of slow corruption taken by Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, and other corrupt American politicians.

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1 Response to Vladimir Putin: Richest Man On Earth @ $75 bill?

  1. bob sykes says:

    So our Tsar is filthy rich, and he stole it. Who cares.

    We ought to care about our own kleptocracy. Every senator and representative and many presidents enter office as upper middle class or lower upper class professionals and leave office as really rich people. The best recent example is Bill Clinton. He enters life as literal trailer trash, and now is worth around $30 M (or more). Obama will be the next example.

    Our politicians get rich by theft, bribery and kickbacks.

    Every single one of our politicians is like Putin except for the amount of their theft and for the fact they are disloyal traitors.

    By the way, the English Royal Family’s wealth is also the product of theft on a Putin scale.

    Stop getting all sanctimonious about Putin. At least the Russian people have a loyal leader, and they are getting real value for their money.

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