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On Being Born Ready

I was born ready m*th#r F^c&#r __ Wesley Snipes as “Blade” (Trinity 2004) The phrase “I was born ready” has become a cliche of action cinema and television, with examples given here, here, and here. Hollywood even portrays infants thinking … Continue reading

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Are Blacks Too Stupid to be Allowed to Vote in Elections of Advanced Nations? No, But . . .

The short answer is “no.” As you can see by the graphic above, there is significant overlap between the IQ distributions of the crude groupings of “black,” “hispanic,” “white,” and “asian,” in North America. The global map below displays the … Continue reading

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18 Year-Old Welders can Make $135,000 per Year or More

Rather than postponing skillful and competent self-sufficiency until the middle or late twenties, Dangerous Children gain the skills to become independent at least 3 different ways by age 18. Most Dangerous Children opt for entrepreneurial training as well as practical … Continue reading

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Coming Back from Apocalypse

Rebuilding civilisation after the deluge will require more than just survival skills. And don’t think apocalypse can’t happen. The Earth is struck by large asteroids far more commonly than we are told. “The only thing preventing a catastrophe from a … Continue reading

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Russian Fraud: Nobody Does it Better

Transparency International ranked Russia among the top 30 percent in its Corruption Perceptions Index last year. The World Economic Forum finds it the least competitive of the so-called BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Its business and … Continue reading

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Energy Bits

Image Source via GWPF According to the research team led by Kyoto University Prof. Tsuyoshi Ishida and Assistant Prof. Chen Youqing, CO2 becomes a “supercritical” fluid if it is heated to 31.1 C or more and subjected to pressure of … Continue reading

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What is Fiscal Breakeven for Oil States?

When a national government depends upon income from oil & gas to balance its budget, the prices of oil & gas become very important to the economic health of that country. When oil-state governments grow financially over-extended through greed, corruption, … Continue reading

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Methane Hydrates: Renewable Hydrocarbons w/ More Energy than Earth’s Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas Combined

… methane hydrate deposits are believed to be a larger hydrocarbon resource than all of the world’s oil, natural gas and coal resources combined. [1] If these deposits can be efficiently and economically developed, methane hydrate could become the next … Continue reading

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IQ Differences Between Groups, Academic Testing, and Society’s Future

The overlapping IQ distributions by race above demonstrate the simple stratification of normal distributions which appears repeatedly, when such comparisons are made. As we will see below, the same type of group stratification appears when evaluating standard testing academic assessment … Continue reading

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Logical Fallacies: Begging the Question

Internet comments are a treasure trove of logical fallacies. Argumentum ad hominem may be the most popular commenters’ fallacy. But “begging the question” or “begs the question” occupies a special place in the hall of fallacies for the many times … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Things Harder to Understand Than Necessary

Science, math, and other subjects can be difficult enough. There is no need to make subjects harder to understand. Here is an example: Mothers typically encourage daughters to display typical female behaviours. But the results of this encouragement vary, depending … Continue reading

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Developing the Human Superbrain

Self-aware, language-using, tool-making brains are very new in the evolutionary timeline, some 200,000-years old. Most of the neurons in the neocortex have between 1,000 and 10,000 synaptic connections with other neurons. Elsewhere in the brain, in the cerebellum, one type … Continue reading

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Groupthink: Logic of the Hive Mind

The groupthink mainstream of academia, media, and politics does not want to allow opposing or contradictory voices to interfere with the accepted narrative. Here are different views of one example of the mainstream preventing cognitive dissonance — through silencing a … Continue reading

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Energy Outlook 2014: New Nuclear on the Radar

Image Source: The global energy outlook is shifting on two fronts: More shale oil & gas production is on tap, and some modest developments on the nuclear front are coming. • Japan will most likely re-start many of their … Continue reading

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Galactic Cosmic Rays: You’re Soaking In Them!

A recent paper published in Environmental Research Letters (PDF) supports the cosmic ray :: climate change hypothesis. According to the study, the sun’s influence on climate may be as much as 10X stronger than previously believed. The new paper expands … Continue reading

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Babies a la Carte

Most of us have heard of the so-called “three parent baby,” a child with the DNA of three different persons. More Another approach to a three parent baby is the use of one man’s sperm, one woman’s egg, and a … Continue reading

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Is This Truly How the World Works?

Image via Market Oracle It is important that we understand the flow of power and control through a society. The chart above is a rudimentary attempt to describe a simple hierarchy of economic and political control in the developed world. … Continue reading

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Would Russia still be Russia Without Siberia?

Siberia’s population is disappearing. In a generation, if current trends continue, the vast land—one and a half times the size of China—will have fewer inhabitants than Moscow or St. Petersburg. _Shrinking Siberia More Massive oil and gas profits allow the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Idiocracy: Dysgenics in the US and Beyond

Any society will get more of what it subsidizes and less of what it taxes. _Peter Schiff Dysgenics is the decline in average human fitness due to excessive proliferation of low-fitness genotypes. Here we are looking at a genetically based … Continue reading

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North American Oil & Gas Production: Calming World Oil Concerns

Despite the excitement over Russia’s conquest of Crimea, continuing strife in Syria, and increasing instability in Egypt, world oil prices remain stable for now, with Brent futures near $105. Canadian oil sands plus North American shale oil & gas have … Continue reading

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What Is the Truth About Conditions in Russia? Russians Voting With Their Feet

A senior researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences says he cannot survive on his monthly salary of $450. He has left Russia for a university in Japan. A family of four has purchased one-way tickets to Boulder, Colorado. They … Continue reading

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Is Russia’s Population Growing?

The article below claims that Russia’s population is currently growing at a slow rate. Russia’s population is actually growing, not shrinking, although its growth is very, very small. While the population was shrinking in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, at … Continue reading

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Violent Home Invasion: Ready or Not, It’s Coming

Home invaders enjoy the sense of power that comes from holding another person’s life in their hands. Typically composed of young black males, home invasion gangs prey on soft targets. These violent attacks are becoming more common even in neighborhoods … Continue reading

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