Are Blacks Too Stupid to be Allowed to Vote in Elections of Advanced Nations? No, But . . .

IQ by Race North America _ Wikipedia

IQ by Race North America _ Wikipedia

The short answer is “no.” As you can see by the graphic above, there is significant overlap between the IQ distributions of the crude groupings of “black,” “hispanic,” “white,” and “asian,” in North America.

The global map below displays the “IQ of nations” taken from rough point estimates of average national IQ scores around the world. The data is crude and needs to be updated and filled in, but the scores are fairly consistent with national achievement on many scales of measure.

See a more extensive tabulation of national IQs provided by Steve Sailer)

IQ by Nation _ Wikipedia

IQ by Nation _ Wikipedia

Behind the group and national averages are distributions. National IQ distributions will tend to overlap, even when comparing the most advanced and the most primitive nations to each other.

Very few residents of advanced world nations wish to live in the more primitive, violent, diseased, and deprived areas of the world. IQ averages do make a difference in real world quality of life, both for nations and for population groups within nations.

Should there be an “IQ cutoff point” below which a person would be disqualified for voting rights in advanced nations, regardless of race, ethnicity, or sex? Probably not, although a test for basic reasoning, basic political awareness, and voter competency wouldn’t hurt anyone except those who are opposed to all attempts to increase election validity.

In the US, persons are already prohibited from voting for many other reasons, such as age, felony history, lack of citizenship or residency, and lack of voter registration. In most jurisdictions, a voter must be alive and breathing to vote, although in large inner-city precincts controlled by the US Democratic Party, that requirement is often waived as racist and inconvenient to the favoured candidates.

Requirements of “mental competency” are likewise not universally implemented, as persons with end-stage dementia living beyond hope in nursing homes often vote for the Democratic Party candidate. And to be honest, felon votes and the votes of non-citizens and non-residents are often counted as well, in particular precincts. Voters are even allowed to vote multiple times for the preferred candidate in US DP precincts, where voter identification procedures can be a bit loose. (New York voter fraud likely, dual registration in Virginia/Maryland, North Carolina voter audit damning,

And yet, if social democracies are to avoid becoming idiocracies, some standards for voter competency and election validity should be broadly enforced.

And there lies the rub. For what hope is there for implementing even minimum standards for voter competence and election validity when politicians in the dominant Democratic Party refuse to support or enforce simple voter ID laws? The answer is, there is no hope for even minimal standards at all, as long as powerful interests block meaningful standards. And all the while, populations and societal institutions just keep getting dumber.

Power lies in the grasp of those who control the strings of what can now only be called “puppet democracy.” The illusion of legitimate rule by popular vote can be maintained as long as prominent institutions such as media, industry, and academia are complicit — and as long as all participating political parties and candidates agree not to make too much of the apparent charade.

Where does this leave the more intelligent and law-abiding, productive segments of society — seeing as they are being carved like Christmas fowl for the pleasure of the ruling classes, their lackeys in media and academia etc., and the less intelligent, more violent, and less productive masses?

Fraudulent democracy is becoming more noxious to many brighter and productive segments of modern populations. Democracy itself is being rejected by a growing number of intelligent persons. (see The Dark Enlightenment series by Nick Land)

Alternatives to the democratic skankstream remain limited and generally unsatisfactory. The “seastead culture” may eventually grow to create workable alternatives to modern idiocracies. Eventually, space migration may provide more choices. But regardless of the form of government, one must account for the quality of the underlying human substrate. And that is what a number of semi-secret organisations — including the Dangerous Child Foundation — are attempting to address in a productive manner.

The global danger from the spread of dysgenic idiocracy is increasing in all countries of the third world, and in all other countries that have not implemented highly selective immigration policies.

Pay attention. HFTB. PFTW.

It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood.

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5 Responses to Are Blacks Too Stupid to be Allowed to Vote in Elections of Advanced Nations? No, But . . .

  1. RonG says:

    It’s always been my contention that only those who pay taxes and receive no government money in benefits OR pay should be allowed to vote. ie you can have a vote or you can get money, but not both. Maybe we should hand out multiple votes as well. One vote for first $200000 in net assets, another vote for assets above one million, perhaps one vote for each grandchild not on the dole or in government service. That way the parasites don’t have a vote, and those with an interest in the future do.

  2. NekasM says:

    Sveik, you already went through it , if I remember correctly – property owners could vote or something like that,but in end it ended here 🙂
    Illusion must be maintained then every body counts equally- give bread, gain peace.
    Low interest rates can go for very long time- 10 or 15 years for sure, if only mūtter nature don’t play out something!

  3. alfin2101 says:

    Yes. Reforming the voting system at this point might be analogous to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, just as it begins to list. But one has to start somewhere. Unfortunately, even the most innocuous reform could lead to widespread violent disorder — some of it likely financed and organised by outside interests.

    Large economic systems are too complex and chaotic to be “managed” indefinitely. Large government bureaucracies are similarly unwieldy.

    Obama has spent most of his time weakening the very apparatuses upon which his credibility is based. Putin has spent most of his time centralising power and wealth in an apparent attempt to re-create the grand Russian empire, already hopelessly out of reach. Clowns and dictators everywhere one looks.

  4. Dan says:

    Regarding seasteading, this will forever be a fantasy. Witness how Russia is bullied as much as during the Cold War while its actual behavior is orders of magnitude better than during the Soviet era. Note the care it took not to kill anyone when occupying the Crimea and establishing a vote there, after a coup. No matter, they aren’t following the script.

    Mighty Russia is taking some real lumps. Rebel seasteaders would do what, exactly? Their entire world could be put at the bottom of the ocean in minutes.

  5. alfin2101 says:

    Here’s something interesting. Apparently Putin thinks that Ukrainians are too stupid to vote in their own elections. To that end, he is enlisting the warlords of organised crime in Ukraine to disrupt civil society, and particularly anything having to do with elections. Read on:

    ….Lacking popular support in Ukraine, Putin’s warlords will do what terrorists do: seize buildings, promote anti-Semitism, imprison and kill opposition leaders, attack Roma and other minorities, take neutral observers and journalists hostage, and abuse the population of whichever cities or towns they terrorize. One especially brutal terrorist, the warlord of the Sloviansk Putinstan, Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, recently told a female journalist the following: “We’ll adopt all necessary measures to prevent elections in the southeast from taking place. We’ll take someone prisoner and hang him by his balls. Got it?” It was Ponomaryov’s terrorist pals who, under the leadership of the Russian intelligence officer Igor Strelkov, took hostage a group of OSCE military inspectors on April 25th.

    Although Putin and his slippery foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, will tell the world that the warlords have the support of the people, no one will believe them. Just as no one believes that al-Qaeda or the Taliban represent the people. Indeed, as Putin’s terror bands operate in Ukraine ahead of the elections, expect policymakers, journalists, and, most important, residents of the terrorized regions to reach the obvious conclusion: that Putin and his warlords are depriving the people of their voice, their livelihoods, and their lives.

    Apparently organised crime has become a more integral part of Russia’s internal and foreign policies than most outsiders imagined. Pity the poor Russians who must live under Putin’s dark reign of criminal neo-imperialist dictat.

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