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The Future: Problems are Guaranteed; Doom Isn’t

We are living in an apocalyptic age. We have been living in the apocalyptic age for many decades — even centuries and more. Humans are strangely attracted to the apocalyptic mindset. Perhaps the doomer mentality is an intentional but subconscious … Continue reading

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Saving the Earth for Adventure, Fun, and Profit: Earth Warriors

Attention: The article below is a piece of mildly satirical fiction. To Save the Earth, Wind Turbines Must Come Down Al Fin operatives have known about the native plains Earth Warriors for over 15 years. Angered by wind-turbine deaths of … Continue reading

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Bigger Brains & IQ; Sex-Related Differences in Emotional Regulation

The fact that brain size correlates with intelligence between species, is fairly uncontroversial. We expect chimps to be more intelligent than monkeys, and humans to be more intelligent than chimps. It is only when we start looking at comparisons of … Continue reading

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Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, Contribution, Coping, and Control

Dangerous Children learn a lot more than how to be dangerous, and how to support themselves financially at least three different ways by age 18. By age 18, some of them have finished college, while others will find their ways … Continue reading

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Russia Rushes to Develop Its Shale Oil Resource

Update — Other than energy exports, Russia’s economy is disintegrating: The Russian central bank last month said $63.7 billion left Russia in the first quarter, equal to all capital lost in 2013. The World Bank estimates this year’s total could … Continue reading

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What We Should Learn from the Lack of Maintenance in Africa & the Rest of the Perennial Third World

All technology requires maintenance. When technology is not maintained, it eventually stops working as designed. This is a problem everywhere, but particularly in third world countries — especially Africa. White rule in South Africa ended in 1994. It was about … Continue reading

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China & Russia: Recapitulating the Hitler : Stalin Pact?

In an agreement that is likely to become known as “A Pact Between Back-Stabbers Version II,” the presidents of China and Russia signed a 30 year energy deal, and began laying out plans for a division of power over Asia … Continue reading

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Africa’s Day in the Sun

A recent survey compiled by “the African Development Bank, the United Nations Development Program and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development,” paints a generally sunny view of Africa’s near-term economic future. Economic output for the whole of the continent … Continue reading

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What Do Greens Really Want, Poor People to Freeze to Death?

Do greens want poor people to freeze to death? They say they want to eliminate “fossil fuel subsidies,” but what does that really mean? … the reason [anger against fossil fuel] subsidies persist is that people don’t understand the sorts … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Will Belong to Those Who Do the Work

Finding skilled workers who are willing to do the work is becoming a challenge in the 21st century. Outside of the homeschooled, it is becoming more and more difficult to find disciplined and conscientious learners and workers. Everyone wants to … Continue reading

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Home Firearm Manufacturing and the Dangerous Child

Dangerous Children master the use and maintenance of a wide range of modern and primitive weapons, generally before puberty. But they also learn to design and build many of their own weapons, sometimes including firearms. With the rapid development of … Continue reading

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African People are Not Just White People with Dark Skin

Bonus Update: How Africans May Differ From Westerners : An on-the-scenes report from a western philosophy professor who taught in African universities for 12 years, and resides in South Africa. One of the first things that young pediatricians-to-be are taught, … Continue reading

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Burn the Corrupt Politicians

Consider, if you will, the amount of energy contained within the body of a corrupt politician. Crematoriums are beginning to work out ways of modifying their procedures in order to generate more energy than they consume from the burning of … Continue reading

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Ongoing US Shale Boom and the Dangerous Child

The surprising US shale boom continues to confound peak oil doomers and Russian neo-imperialists. At the same time, this energy revolution is fueling renewed manufacturing and other industrial development in the US — and fueling hope for similar renewal in … Continue reading

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Comparing Global Net Immigration to Global Net Emigration

It would be more instructive to show maps of net immigration and net emigration flow for upper and middle class persons. I could not find such maps for this entry. But comparing overall global net emigration and immigration allows one … Continue reading

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10,000 Found, Millions More to Go: Death From Above

Is it safe? Of the millions of asteroids that routinely fly by Earth, astronomers have so far detected only 10,000. __ Source The chances are, we will not see it coming until it is right on top of us. “This … Continue reading

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Obama’s Dark Ages Dreamscape and the Dangerous Child

US President Obama has a dream where the United States gets none of its energy from coal, oil, or gas — and all of its energy from wind and solar. In 2008, candidate Barack Obama infamously said that as president … Continue reading

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What is Brain Porn-Popcorn?

Brain porn-popcorn is anything that captures the attention entirely, then leaves the brain with something to chew on. It could be an image, a moving musical phrase, a catchy slogan, a teasing tactile sensation, a joke, an entrancing fragrance or … Continue reading

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The Metaphorical Animal in His Natural Habitat

Metaphors are more than a way to talk about an experience. Metaphors are our experience. They set the filters through which we perceive and make sense out of the world. Because of this fact, metaphors serve as powerful levers capable … Continue reading

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Human Biodiversity: A Troublesome and Inconvenient Inheritance

Update: No one should be surprised that the NYT is unable to live with a reporter who can handle the truth. After more than 30 years of solid science reporting, the NY Times is forcing Nicholas Wade to leave the … Continue reading

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