Obama’s Dark Ages Dreamscape and the Dangerous Child

US President Obama has a dream where the United States gets none of its energy from coal, oil, or gas — and all of its energy from wind and solar.

In 2008, candidate Barack Obama infamously said that as president he would set policy that would bankrupt the coal industry: “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them… _ Source

In January 2011, during his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama called oil “yesterday’s energy.” __ http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-05-07/oil-s-bright-future

The word "recovery" may not mean what Obama thinks it means

A Tale of Two Recoveries

Obama recovery vs. Reagan recovery

In the late 1970s US President Jimmy Carter had the same dreams of green energy. The result of one term under Jimmy Carter’s dream was high unemployment, high inflation, and ruinously high interest rates. In fact, the US economy was in a much more precarious state at the end of Jimmy Carter’s single term than after two terms under George W. Bush:

When Ronald Reagan took over from Jimmy Carter in ’81, things were actually worse economically compared to when Obama took over from George W. Bush in ’08.

Consider these three important comparisons of economic indicators, then and now:

– Unemployment was at 10.8% versus 7.7%

– Inflation (Consumer Price Index) was at 13.5% versus 2.7%

– Interest rates (prime rate) was at 21.5% versus 3.25%

In other words, Reagan inherited a bigger mess. __ Obama Recovery vs Reagan Recovery

Fortunately, Jimmy Carter was not given a second term. The US is not so fortunate with Barack Obama.

The Reality is Much Worse Than What You See in the Graph

The Reality is Much Worse Than What You See in the Graph

The US economy is the world’s largest, helped by the US dollar being the world’s reserve currency. But eventually every economy can become overburdened by poor government policies and skyrocketing debt.

Any government that cuts itself off from reliable energy and risks its industry and economy on intermittent unreliable energy such as wind and solar, is putting itself into a deep pit. If that government also generates rapid non-productive debt accumulation at the same time that it hobbles the ability of its own commerce and industry to innovate and produce, it is inviting a Dark Ages into the land.

Poverty, corruption, and rising crime quickly follow.

It isn’t clear why leaders choose this suicidal path for their nations — ruinous debt, energy starvation, demographic decline (via immigration policy etc). No doubt dysfunctional memes and metaphors play a role.

What is clear is that human beings do not have to live with all of the consequences of the capricious stupidity of their leaders. Resilient communities and resilient networks of communities can build the capacity to survive and prosper against the natural corruption, decay, violence, and poverty that result from catastrophic leadership.

Teaching children to be multi-competent on a practical level is an early step in growing resilient communities. Teaching them to think in terms of business, markets, asset management, and profitable trades is a somewhat higher cognitive level of resilience training. Teaching them deep human psychology and how to apply that psychology to work, trade, all levels of community, and life in general, adds yet another level of resilience. Add the tools of innovation and invention, along with multiple skills of defence at various scale, and you have the beginning of a Dangerous Child training method.

More: Despite the efforts of Obama’s EPA to date, the US still enjoys an ongoing shale oil & gas boom, which is propagating economic benefits through various sectors, across several regions of the country. The US government could stop that boom in a heartbeat — and many of Obama’s people both inside and outside the US government want to do exactly that. Certainly Russia’s Pooty-Poot would like to see the US shale boom shut down.

Invention and innovation are important, but they have to be allowed to work:

http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-05-07/oil-s-bright-future A brief glimpse at the effects of human invention and innovation on energy supplies and prospects for prosperity.

A much larger glimpse at what human invention and ingenuity can do

More: Obama’s great climate blitzkrieg is sputtering out

Today’s crop of new B.A.s are staring at roughly 8.5 percent unemployment, 16.8 percent underemployment. Close to half of those who land work won’t immediately find a job that requires their degree, and for those stuck in that situation, there are fewer “good” jobs to go around. Welcome to adulthood, class of 2014. ___

Even a gross manipulation of data cannot make Obama's economy look good

Even a gross manipulation of data cannot make Obama’s economy look good

A lifelong dependence upon ever more corrupt government, is Obama’s promise to the youth of America. He makes the same promise to “disadvantaged” minorities. Since they all helped put him into office, consider it poetic justice of a Pyrrhic sort.

More: Obama depresses energy output on all federal lands

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  1. jabowery says:

    What’s even better is to adjust it not for population growth but for non-traditional American demography growth or better yet for non-traditional American growth and the price of attracting a traditional American demography women into motherhood and away from mammon. Or… well, really, isn’t it strange SO MANY variables “conspired” to destroy the nation of settlers all at once starting exactly when the boomer females were entering fertility? I mean, come on….

  2. alfin2101 says:

    Yes. Bad immigration policies can destroy empires and nations over time.

    The same forces are at work from Europe to Oceania to North America to the more European nations of South America. How long can Switzerland hold out?

    The problem is severe, but smart actions can bring about good results even so. We have to face the problems, but not become paralysed by them.

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