Comparing Global Net Immigration to Global Net Emigration

It would be more instructive to show maps of net immigration and net emigration flow for upper and middle class persons. I could not find such maps for this entry. But comparing overall global net emigration and immigration allows one to read between some of the lines.

Where People Are Going

People vote with their feet, for better opportunities and a better future for their families. The worldmapper map above displays destination countries in proportion to immigration gain. Comparing the sizes for Canada and Russia in each map can be instructive.

Where People Are Coming From

The worldmapper map above displays countries of origin in proportion to emigration loss.

We know that capital is flying out of Russia at a record rate. Something similar is happening in China. Children of the wealthy in both Russia and China are sent abroad to study, while overseas properties are bought up and capital accounts set up in the names of wealthy Russians and Chinese — and their children.

Demographic decline and oppressive governments are facts of life around the world. Professionals and the wealthy do their best to escape, sending their wealth and their children overseas in some cases — and sending themselves overseas in others.

World Brain Drain

The above image presents a general hierarchical flow diagram of emigration between developing nations, Europe, and North America / Oceania. (more)

Each nation has demographic problems of its own. But as we have tried to point out, building networks of resilient and dangerous communities within most modern nations does not require an act of Congress, or a United Nations declaration. Preparing for a potentially difficult future requires planning, determination, and the willingness to disregard the skankstream while focusing on what must be done.

HFTB. PFTW. Practise the arts of danger and resiliency. Be ready when the time comes.

A 2006 Al Fin posting foreshadowing this entry

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