African People are Not Just White People with Dark Skin

Bonus Update: How Africans May Differ From Westerners : An on-the-scenes report from a western philosophy professor who taught in African universities for 12 years, and resides in South Africa.

One of the first things that young pediatricians-to-be are taught, is that children are not just small adults. Childhood represents a number of life stages, from birth through adolescence. Each stage has its own diseases, necessary precautions, and its own vulnerabilities.

The same idea applies when comparing black people with white people: African people are not just white people with dark skin. Black people exhibit their own set of disease patterns, social pathologies, and problem behaviours. Blackness is far more than skin deep.

Syphilis Rates by Race US

Syphilis Rates by Race US

High rates of STDs, HIV, violent crime, and illegitimate births, set blacks apart from most other population groups.
Ron Unz: Correlation of Black Population w/ Homicide Rates in US Cities of 500K +

Ron Unz: Correlation of Black Population w/ Homicide Rates in US Cities of 500K +

When nearly 70% of the children from a population grow up without fathers, certain behavioural anomalies should probably be expected.
Illegitimate Births by Race

Illegitimate Births by Race

But if we look at non-STD disease rates, we see similar distinctions between blacks and others:

The prevalence of obesity among adults from 2007-2010 was largest among African American women compared with white and Mexican American women and men. Obesity prevalence among African American adults was the largest compared to other race ethnicity groups.

In 2010, the prevalence of diabetes among African American adults was nearly twice as large as that for white adults.

Infants of African American women in 2008 had the largest death rate, which was more than twice as large as infants of white women.

African Americans had the largest incidence and death rates from colorectal cancer in 2008 of all racial and ethnic populations despite similar colorectal screening rates to white adults.

In 2011, similar to other minority adults aged 25 years or older, African American adults had a larger percentage that did not complete high school than white adults. African American adults also had a larger percentage that lived below the poverty level and adults aged 18-64 years who were unemployed compared with same-age white adults.

African Americans in 2009 had the largest death rates from homicide among all racial and ethnic populations. Rates among African American males were the largest across all age groups among males. __ CDC

Blacks consistently test lower than other races on IQ and achievement tests, and on most other scales of achievement.

IQ by Race North America _ Wikipedia

IQ by Race North America _ Wikipedia

All of these distinctions from high violent crime to low IQ (PDF) point toward a genetic explanation, to account for some or most of the difference. Even the high rates of illegitimate birth appear to be at least partially based upon genetics, as is most behaviour.

Genetic patterns interact with real world conditions — including family and group culture — to create individual and group behavioural characteristics. The manifestations of the divergent evolution of sub Saharan Africans manifest themselves on far deeper levels than mere skin colour, facial features, or nappy hair.

This basic and seemingly obvious point is overlooked and denied by otherwise intelligent people, who do a great deal of harm to society with the best of intentions.

If some black people are treated differently by hiring departments, real estate agencies, banks, or neighborhood watch captains, the reasons for this disparate treatment are quite likely to be largely rational and far more than skin deep. And yet the US government often treats such rational distinctions as illegal actions, punishable by a wide range of economic and criminal penalties.

The counter-productive dysfunctionality of forcing rational actors to behave irrationally, is not lost on those who are paying attention. But the cumulative effects of all of the bad governmental policies impinging upon the ordinary lives of ordinary people cause most persons to be too busy making ends meet to have the luxury of paying close attention to dysfunctional government policies and their consequences.

US government racial laws and policies are just one small slice of the huge pie of dysfunctionality that makes up the massive US governmental structural apparatus. It is difficult to separate the ill effects of one bad policy from the interlocking ill effects of all the other bad policies.

Since the US government is not necessarily worse in this regard than most other modern western governments, it is not clear that a simple change of country location will solve the problem. A more common short-term solution manifests itself in the form of “white flight” from areas with high prevalence of black residents to areas with low prevalence of black residents — within the same country. This may involve moving outside a metropolitan area, or it may involve moving out of a state/province or an entire region.

It should be obvious that this solution will only buy a certain amount of time, given demographic realities.

If the differences between blacks and others were no deeper than skin colour or hair texture, the race question would be much ado about nothing. But the differences do go deeper, so the question is likely to linger much longer than political correctness willingly permits. — One man’s ruminations on the effects of the US black community stepping away from its responsibilities, which illustrates that some blacks are willing to step back from the too-easily-stampeded herd.

Black persons — like all persons — should be treated as individuals and given the benefit of the doubt, if at all possible. Talent and intelligence should not be wasted if it can be put to creative and productive use.

Note: The instigation for this blog posting came from observing a white Teach for America candidate working with an inner city child, with whom she was attempting to relate in a dynamic way, for purposes of teaching. From the forced smiles on the teacher’s face and the confused look on the child’s face, it was clear that the young idealistic teacher had just about used up all her tricks of relating socially, without success.

There are reasons why most blacks laugh at different jokes, listen to different music, enjoy different modes of social mixing, choose different recreational past-times, exhibit different levels of achievement, and so on, than your average idealistic and PC white university graduate and policy-maker. Those reasons run deep, and would prove very embarrassing and disillusioning to PC egalitarians, should they ever have the honesty to face them.

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4 Responses to African People are Not Just White People with Dark Skin

  1. jabowery says:

    Within Europe, there is a clear negative correlation between a nation’s standard deviation in IQ and latitude (with some interesting outliers). I suspect this is due to a combination of the degree of heterozygosity and the population density yielding more eusocial specialization. If the trend continues into subsaharan Africa it could help explain the intractable social stratification evidenced by the African Gini coefficients.

    The general trends are toward Africanization of cultures that have advanced climate control with abundant food but no history of burning merchant ships that return from Africa with slaves — as did the Chinese when their eunuch merchants brought home their boyfriends. Africanization takes the form of serial polygyny, “independent women”, lots of beta males running around trying to have sneaky sex and intractable stratification.

    One way to turn this eusocial nightmar,e that is destroying the planet, on its head is to take it all the way to asexually reproducing organisms that are relatively self sufficient artificial floating atolls, incorporating humans as cells, in nice tropical, high population density, abundant food environments that — uh, well, will kill the lot of you if you get too far out of hand. I’d like to see an Obama try being skipper of one of those.

    • jabowery says:

      As with much of the non-JudeoChristian world of the West, records were destroyed and history is imputed:

      “Researchers had few source materials to rely on. More than 90 percent of the several million documents that once rested in the Ming archives in Nanjing and Beijing were destroyed by later emperors when the dynasty reversed Zhu Di’s overseas maritime policies, embracing an isolationism that characterized China’s foreign relations for centuries to come. Most of the ships were burned, and Chinese merchants were forbidden to travel abroad.”

      So, no, I don’t have chapter and verse and yes you may, if you like, treat my characterization of “facetious”.

    • jabowery says:

      The burning of the eunuch merchant ships was the greatest act of statesmanship in the history of civilization. It may prove to be the turning point in history that leads to China’s ultimate dominion over civilization.

  2. bob sykes says:

    Cavali-Sforza et al’s book “The History and Geography of Human Genes” demonstrates (despite the disclaimer) that there are at least 30 distinct human races, perhaps 50 or more. The differences between some of these races rises to the species level.

    As to black family structure, it would appear that the ghetto family is the same as the African family: absent fathers, single mothers (even if officially married), half siblings, etc. So, it is probably not correct to call this a dysfunctional arrangement. For the rest, yes. “The Bell Curve” and Rushton remain the foundation studies.

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