What Do Greens Really Want, Poor People to Freeze to Death?

Decay and Loss of Civilisation, Triumph of Green

Do greens want poor people to freeze to death? They say they want to eliminate “fossil fuel subsidies,” but what does that really mean?

the reason [anger against fossil fuel] subsidies persist is that people don’t understand the sorts of things that are classified as subsidies. They think of them as cash payments from the government to oil companies. In reality, most are things like assistance for low income households so they don’t freeze to death in the winter.

… 87% of the “hundreds of billions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies” targeted by the great “Twitter storm of 2012” and that activists like Bill McKibben decry when wearing one hat and defend when wearing another (see the breakdown here) are consumption subsidies that help people afford fuel. _Robert Rapier

Why are greens willing to go to great lengths to force their viewpoints to the forefront, and to prevent other viewpoints from being made public?

* Phil Jones writes to University of Hull to try to stop sceptic Sonia Boehmer Christiansen using her Hull affiliation. Graham F Haughton of Hull University says its easier to push greenery there now SB-C has retired. (1256765544)

* Michael Mann discusses how to destroy a journal that has published sceptic papers. (1047388489)

* Letter to The Times from climate scientists was drafted with the help of Greenpeace.(0872202064)

* Mann thinks he will contact BBC’s Richard Black to find out why another BBC journalist was allowed to publish a vaguely sceptical article. (1255352257) _Matt Ridley … and so on ad infinitum from the massive collection of Climategate emails

Honest scientists tend to stick to the science, and let their theories and data do the talking. Whatever the green blight touches turns to rot and corruption.

The US is at the beginning of an amazing energy and economic renaissance. So why is US President Obama’s green-skewed EPA trying so hard to kill the revolution?

The great green anti-energy crusade is based upon a pathological fear of greenhouse gas warming, a fear that research suggests is largely unfounded. But since non-alarmist research threatens to reduce public anxieties over the climate, and to reduce the power base of the big green steamroller, it is cast into the outer darkness by the green guardians at the gate of ideological purity.

The story of Al Gore provides a small glimpse into the goals of big green.

Gore — with his high energy consumption lifestyle, multiple luxury homes and never-ending globe-trotting — has become the perfect symbol for all those so-called green elites who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk, on global warming.

Whether ex-politicians like Gore, or Hollywood celebrities and movie stars, or UN junketeers living high off the public teat, their message is always the same.

… Al Gore… preaches austerity for everyone else to save the planet, while he jets around the world, living in the lap of luxury, leaving a carbon footprint in his wake that would choke an elephant.

But Gore’s latest carbon caper — selling his struggling Current TV to Al Jazeera for a cool, personal profit of a reported $100 million — takes the cake.

That’s because Al Jazeera, which paid $500 million in total for Current, is funded by the oil and natural gas-rich Arab emirate of Qatar. __ TorontoSun

Al Gore is a prototypical specimen of those who rise to the top in the green movement. Here are a few rules of green:

Rule number 1: Green rules of behaviour apply only to outsiders. Green insiders can do as they like.

Rule number 2: Acquire massive wealth while impoverishing everyone else,

Rule number 3: Reduce the wealth and power of “non-insiders” to levels that make enforcing rules 1 and 2 as easy as possible.

Rule number 4: Instigate the great human die-off as soon as the comfortable lifestyles of the green insider class are guaranteed in perpetuity, in the absence of excess human populations.

The rules and goals listed above are self-defeating, of course, but greens are not known for their perspicacity or their willingness to be honest with themselves or others.

If you live in a modern western or quasi-western nation, you represent “the enemy” to the green movement — unless you are a high-level green yourself.

If you feel safe in the belief that your government is run by people who have your best interests at heart, then keep believing it. You may sleep better at night with such beliefs.

Else, if you understand how deeply your government has been infiltrated by careerists with green sympathies, you may want to start paying attention, and brush up on your lessons of resiliency and dangerousness.

Greens are playing for keeps. So should you.

Sharpshooting blogger Borepatch looks at the decay of science in the modern triumph of progressivism . . . (h/t Bayou Renaissance Man)

The weave of civilisation is disintegrating as the general loss of integrity spreads through governments, media, academia, and popular cultures.

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    Not True! Poor people will starve to death long before they freeze!

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