Reforming Government: We’re Going to Need A Lot More Guillotines!

How Do We Decide How Many Guillotines Are Enough?

Since 1990, the number of government workers has expanded by some five million to some twenty million… a growth rate roughly twice that of the population as a whole. … At the same time, the bureaucracy of the University, like that of the government, has exploded…

… More important still is the bureaucracy’s ability to control society through unelected agencies… Increasingly, agencies such as the EPA and HUD, seek to shape community development patterns—for example on land use policies —- that traditionally fell under local control.

The current atmosphere of ideological unanimity—in academia, the arts and much of the government bureaucracy—set the stage for the outrages… _Joel Kotkin

But the parasitic aristocracy of the US extends far beyond government offices, agencies, and bureaucracies. An entire industry of elite corruption stretches from Washington DC to Hollywood to New York City and all points between.

Once a society determines that it must rid itself of its parasitic aristocracy, it is immediately faced with a number of important decisions. First, how to do it? Sometimes, these things must be done delicately. But other times it is best to do the right thing in the full light of day. For full spectrum righteous reform of corrupt aristocracy, nothing beats a sharp guillotine.

The Decapitation Solution

The Decapitation Solution

Another question that must be faced is, what do you do with the bodies (and heads)? Fortunately, advances in pyrolytic fuel production offer a ready solution. In fact, a savvy start-up called “Oynklent Green” [OTC:OYNK], has a technology that — like the guillotine — is ready to use right out of the box.

Next, what do we do with the lost generations whose lives have been destroyed by the cultural elite in league with the corrupt aristocracy? This is a longer term problem which must be dealt with in a compassionate, no-nonsense manner.

First, they will be put to work in pyrolytic energy plants, and in the transportation industries that supply the pyrolysis plants with feedstock. At the same time, they will require classwork to train them in useful skills and competencies, so that they can take advantage of the profusion of opportunity in the wake of government reform.

Trimming excessive size and blatant corruption from obese governments will take time. We cannot expect this reform to be free of pain or social upheaval. Dependency upon bloated and corrupt government has never been greater. These addicts must be weaned carefully, to prevent an excess of rioting, looting, and mayhem.

Millions of people are employed in the private sector to deal exclusively with government taxation, regulation, mandates, and other counter-productive red tape. Most of these suddenly superfluous workers will be able to transition to more constructive work. For those whose minds have been permanently warped by immersion in government rules, early retirement or “rubber room” supervision may be required. REMEMBER! These people should be seen as victims, albeit opportunistic victims. They should never be sent to the guillotines unless no other recourse is possible.

We will have to do a lot more than this to reform government down to a workable size and attitude of subservience to the taxpayers and productive classes. We will need to build competence in the general populace, so that most of the things that government currently does will be done by private actors.

If you are feeling a bit squeamish about the whole “guillotine” thing, remember: None of this would be necessary if governments had built-in mechanisms for clearing away the deadweight, the obsolete, the inane, and the corruption and corrupt hangers-on that live in and around government like space alien puppet-masters.

And also remember, tough love government reform is coming, sooner or later. It always does. It’s more a question of when? than if?.

Another look at the “effete elite.”

Turning the tables on elite surveillance of the masses

Besides locating guillotines near state and national capitols, it may be necessary to also install them near large inbred university systems.

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  1. John says:

    I think national health care, along with fema, beat you to the punch. I keep hearing about the death panel for the weak and poor and prison camps for the dissenters. Government 2 civilians 0

    as you say so elegantly HFTBPFTW

  2. neilfutureboy says:

    I have some sympathy for Uncle Joe, who for all his faults, was better at incentivising bureaucrats than anybody else. His successors were nicer but less successful.

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