Obama Driving Record Numbers of Americans to Renounce US

Record Numbers Renouncing US Citizenship

A Repulsive and Destructive President

A Repulsive and Destructive President

Under US President Obama, more US citizens have renounced their citizenship than in the previous 10 years.

1,001 U.S. citizens and green-card holders had renounced their allegiance in the first three months of the year, according to Andrew Mitchel, a lawyer in Centerbrook, Conn., who analyzes Treasury Department data. That figure puts 2014 on track to top last year’s total of 2,999 renunciations, he said, which was the most since the government began disclosing the data.

Nearly 8,000 taxpayers have renounced U.S. citizenship in the past five years, Mr. Mitchel found, compared with fewer than 5,000 in the preceding decade. … _Tax Prof quoting Wall Street Journal

The main reason cited by the WSJ article for renunciation of citizenship was the aggressive Obama-IRS assault against the incomes of expatriate US citizens. The Obama IRS is perhaps best known for its Nixonesque unconstitutional war against persons and organisations which belong to the “loyal opposition.”

Obama’s IRS is not the only US federal agency to “go off the reservation” in an unconstitutional manner, of course. Obama’s Department of Justice under Atty. General Eric Holder is already the most egregious US DOJ in history, in terms of selective administration — and ignoring — of US law, to favour Obama allies and to punish Obama’s domestic political enemies. Obama’s State Department under both Clinton and Kerry is famous for alienating America’s overseas allies and kowtowing to America’s enemies. Obama’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission has stopped the nuclear renaissance in its tracks, and set back new nuclear development by roughly a decade. Obama’s Department of the Interior has shackled energy development on federal lands and offshore, while Obama’s EPA is in the process of destroying huge areas of US domestic energy production — and raising prices of electricity to hardship levels for many Americans.

The list goes on through all agencies and levels of US federal government. Obama is clearly the worst US president in history. Obama’s malfeasance in office will only get worse, once the 2014 mid-term elections are over, and his lameduck term goes into overdrive. If you think you have seen a large number of destructive executive orders flowing out of the White House up until now, just wait until after early November of this year.

Anyone who has read Obama’s two (!) autobiographical fantasies will understand the deep resentment the halfblood prince feels against all European and European-derived nations and populations — particularly the US. To anyone with an eye to see, it is not far-fetched to think that Obama is conducting an intentionally destructive campaign against the foundations of US society.

Perhaps the president wants “to destroy the nation in order to save it.” If so, he would share that goal with most leftists and left-environmentalists — whether or not Obama truly is a radical leftist himself.

More likely, Obama is merely an anti-European with a deep visceral hatred of all things European — even including his own dead mother and grandparents. Read his autobiographical fantasies and decide for yourself.

Remember: If not for the amazing US tight oil & gas revolution, the US economy would be in an ever-deepening recession, instead of its current Obama stagnation. Obama has tried to take credit for the shale boom — but only because he was too late to stop it. Just wait and see what he chooses to do about US energy after the mid-term elections.

Russia’s Putin is pulling out the stops to try to drive global oil prices up to levels high enough to facilitate his grand schemes of neo-empire. To this point, Obama is doing every thing he can to help Putin in his globally destructive goals.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. If you feel you must take the plunge and renounce your citizenship, make sure you are not jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Multiple inter-connected networks of R & D communities populated by dangerous children, with all suitable forms of life support and backup, would go a long way toward helping guarantee an open and abundant future, after the approaching crunch point(s).


Government in the Obama age

As federal agencies have grown in size and scope, they have increasingly viewed their regulatory functions as powers to reward or punish citizens and groups.

Even water has become a vehicle for federal agency overreach. Recently, the Obama administration took punitive agency action against Washington state and Colorado for legalizing marijuana possession and sales. While the administration said it would not enforce criminal drug laws against marijuana growers — gaining points among the increasing number of citizens who support legalization and the right of states to pass such laws — it used a little-known agency, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, to cut off water to those farms. The Bureau of Reclamation was created as a neutral supplier of water and a manager of water projects out West, not an agency that would open or close a valve to punish noncompliant states.

When agencies engage in content-based speech regulation, it’s more than the usual issue of “mission creep.” As I’ve written before in these pages, agencies now represent something like a fourth branch in our government — an array of departments and offices that exercise responsibilities once dedicated exclusively to the judicial and legislative branches. Insulated from participatory politics and accountability, these agencies can shape political and social decision-making. To paraphrase Clausewitz, water, taxes and even trademarks appear to have become the continuation of politics by other means.

What is needed is a new law returning these agencies to their core regulatory responsibilities and requiring speech neutrality in enforcement. We do not need faceless federal officials to become arbiters of our social controversies. __ Jonathan Turley

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  1. Matt Musson says:

    I think I will stay a citizen and just renouce Obama.

  2. Barry is an anti-White, anti-Christian, Muslim, communist sociopath. He’s also a narcissist and a liar. Why don’t we tell him to go back to his birth country of Kenya? And he can take along all of the idiots that voted for him–TWICE!

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