Google: Government Is Likely to Collapse Under Its Own Weight

To be precise, Google’s co-founder Larry Page said:

… regulation that “increases without bounds” is likely to lead government “to collapse under its own weight:” _

Denizens of Washington DC seem to believe that government was meant to do anything and everything. That kind of thinking has led to the hopelessly expanding monstrosity on the Potomac. Sure, eventually it will collapse under its own growing weight — if allowed to continue long enough.

But there are other forces at work which are unlikely to allow things to go on quite so long. The leaders of Russia and China, for example, are feeling under increasing pressure to remove the constraints of US power from their own ambitious plans of expansion. Special cyber war units inside Russia and China have made impressive progress in the ability to disrupt critical infrastructures inside enemy nations. This threat against Europe and the Anglosphere is likely to grow stronger each year.

But in demographic and realistic military terms, Russia is fading just at the time that China appears to be rising with an unstoppable momentum. Every year that passes, Russia has fewer and fewer healthy young men to man its military, while China has hundreds of millions of able youth and men, and will do so for decades more. But China’s economic foundations are a bit shaky, and any number of crises could push China’s leaders into precipitous action.

“The economic model that propelled China through three decades of meteoric growth appears unsustainable,” Andrew Erickson, a Naval War College analyst, told the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. __ China Thinks It Can Defeat America in Battle

China has about 20 years before its demographic trajectory begins to pull it downward. During that time, China’s leaders may be forced to play the card of Chinese nationalism and war, just to stay in power.

… for all the hundreds of billions China has spent on defense during the last two decades, they are still a second rate military power with a long history of poor performance on the battlefield. __StrategyPage

But the US is in decline, demographically and politically. Whether the US government is made to collapse by outside forces of aggression (EMP, cyber warfare, nuclear war etc.) or whether it collapses of its own weight — as Google’s Page suggests — is a race against the clock.

Consider US energy policy under US President Obama. Large amounts of abundant and affordable energy are crucial to any modern nation — particularly to any nation that has taken on the burden of being the world policeman. Bad energy policy amounts to sabotage against the nation itself.

Wind Turbines Cannot Survive On Their Own Without Ruinous Subsidies and Mandates

Wind Turbines Cannot Survive On Their Own Without Ruinous Subsidies and Mandates

Obama’s energy policies do not produce much reliable energy, but they have helped to enrich several wealthy campaign contributors and bundlers. Obama’s brand of energy would collapse without government babying, spoon-feeding, and hand-holding.

More: Obama’s and Europe’s grand green energy schemes are based on computer models of climate. How easy is it to tweak computer models to give you the answer you want?

If you want to learn just who it is that pulls Obama’s strings, helps bloat the government monstrosity, and makes the US as a whole less prosperous for the sake of filling their own pocketbooks, you will find some intriguing clues in the following link:

The world is a dangerous and unstable place, with a number of bad actors vying for the chance to become hegemonic powers.

We have seen what happened when Russia [the USSR] invaded, subdued, and controlled Eastern Europe. Putin would like to have the chance to do the same thing — except to all of Europe and beyond.

The modern government of China rules its people with a despotic hand, and would likely do the same or worse to any other nations that fell under its control. (See Tibet and Xinjiang etc.)

Radical Islamic states such as Iran would like to expand their control as far as possible, if only the busybody US would stay away.

Pocket communist countries such as North Korea would love to extend their grip into neighboring regions. In fact, the third world is full of military dictators and would-be Napoleons who would like to try their hand at being regional big men, with a vengeance.

Pax Americana is inherently unstable, just as were Pax Brittanica and Pax Romania. Ambitious warlords and chiefs chafe under external restraint, and push outward until they die — or until the restraints break.

It is correct to point out the weaknesses, inequities, and instabilities of any great world power. But it is also crucial to understand what happens when that world hegemon breaks down — either due to internal decay or external attack. Anyone who attacks a dominant power without understanding what will come after, is a fool.

The viewpoint of the Al Fin Dangerous Child Institute — as always — is that nothing lasts forever. It is best to plan for the collapse of any government or powerful organisation, as a normal part of routine contingency planning.

Things could quickly become a lot worse than you can currently imagine. Not from climate apocalypse. Not from peak oil armageddon. But from the natural playing out of human nature in high places — in the light of a building global crisis of debt and demography.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a dangerous childhood.

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  1. bob sykes says:

    The important point, China thinks it could win. (Actually this means a war for Taiwan, and in that case they might be able to.) That mind set that is the real danger. Twice Germany thought it could win. Add to it the pivot to Asia, utterly empty of actual military content, which is itself a provocative bluff, and the odds of an Asian war go up substantially.

    The fact is the US has commitments and ambitions that require a military about twice the size we have. This would include at least 15 to 20 carrier battle groups, many more attack submarines and a large modern army of around 1,000,000 troops, mostly deployed in Europe and Asia. But America is racing Russia to the bottom. Its economy is too weak to support its military ambitions, and its current inadequate military is being reduced. Its useful military age white male cohort is rapidly declining and being replaced by blacks and browns who are physically and intellectually incapable of service, and who probably would be unwilling to fight for a country they despise, anyway.

    And then, of course, there is the Middle East, which Obama’s policies have reduced to chaos and civil war, and eastern Europe, where Obama’s policies have ignited a Ukrainian civil war and raised the possibility of war in Europe.

    It is almost certain that one or more of these potential wars will erupt, especially with our incompetent (or possibly treasonous) President. History continues unabated.

  2. Re: The last lines of the post. My Dangerous Childhood only started a few years ago (I’m 53!). Thankfully, my nine-year-old son’s started too, so there’s one more future adult with a head start.

  3. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    Resurrect the warrior caste. It’s the only hope from a generational perspective.

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