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Loving Putin Means Hating Russia

Mr. Putin, evidently fuelled by fantasies of a reborn empire, appears to believe he has a special right to destabilize a sovereign nation based solely on his pursuit of nationalist glory. The world has been here before, but most western … Continue reading

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Expectations Can Make or Break a Person

The human brain is often referred to as a “prediction machine.” From as early as the womb, human brains make predictions based upon experience. Predictions create certain “expectations” which may be either met or violated. Predictions are first made in … Continue reading

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Global Oil Prices: Calm in the Midst of a Tempest

Something strange is happening in global oil prices: About 3.5 million barrels per day have been removed from global output — and oil prices went down! What’s really remarkable about this recent decline is that it occurred despite the fact … Continue reading

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Sophisticated Bio-Scaffolding Raises Hopes for Regenerative Medicine

Today’s story goes back to 2009, when Medford, Massachusetts company Serica Technologies Inc. received FDA approval for its silk-based scaffold technology. The silk scaffolding was originally meant to be used for reconstruction of structural connective tissue, such as that in … Continue reading

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North American Oil Boom Spectacular — Best is Yet to Come

The North American oil & gas boom has taken the world by surprise. As US oil production pushes ever upward toward the magic number of 10 million barrels per day (US peak production in November 1970), peak oil prognosticators and … Continue reading

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The Collapse of “the USSR” Is Not Yet Complete: The Zombie Lives On

The continuity between the Soviet Union and the current regime is obvious. This continuity is primarily found in the dismissive attitude toward individuals and their rights, which can be seen both in government actions and everyday interactions. It is also … Continue reading

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Putin’s Extreme Attempts to Raise Global Oil Prices are Unsuccessful So Far

When a government depends upon oil & gas profits to fund its budget, the prices of oil & gas can determine whether the government prospers, or falls. Russia’s government finds itself in a bind, committed to ambitious and extravagant budgets … Continue reading

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Green Politics Wrecking German Economy and Making Germans Stupid

Update: Germany’s Electricity Market Out of Balance German Electric Costs More than Twice US Costs Massive Multi-$Trillion Re-build of Power Grids Required to Integrate Wind & Solar Germany’s economy has lost much of its lustre recently. A large part of … Continue reading

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Can Affordable Sex Robots Save China?

China is facing an existential crisis. Due to government policy and societal preferences, China has a large excess of unmarried young men — all juiced up but no women in sight. In fact, China is in extreme danger of a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Minerva University; No Lectures, No Tenure, No Affirmative Action

A new type of university is opening in San Francisco this month. It will provide no lectures, offer no tenure, and affirmative action is banned. It utilises the best methods of pedagogy that world-renowned cognitive psychologist Stephen Kosslyn has found … Continue reading

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Comparing Nations: Nominal GDP per Square Kilometre Area

Nominal GDP per square kilometre is a rough estimate of a nation’s productive use of land. It can also be used as a rough estimate of the relative maturity stage of national economic development. Lower ranking nations presumably maintain more … Continue reading

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Peak Oil Armageddon, Global Warming Apocalypse, Doom on a Popsicle Stick

The path to “end of the world” thinking is well trod, most heavily so in times of oppression, uncertainty, and corruption. But perhaps some of us can recognize how familiar is this dark road, resist the natural urge to repeat … Continue reading

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Russian Economy Smaller than California’s

For Russia to be a world super-power, it must battle far above its economic weight class. Eventually this burden will prove far too onerous for the Russian people — particularly if Putin’s regime continues to fuel capital flight, brain drain, … Continue reading

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Putin’s Belligerence, and Russia’s Desperation

… as he crisscrosses Russia… he finds a drunk, suspicious, bitter country where everyone has been broken in their own small way … __ The struggle to save a dying nation It has become a race to the bottom on … Continue reading

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Chumps & Dupes Believe In Putin’s “Heroic Narrative”

Update: Putin’s Useful Idiots It takes a true chump to swallow the heroic narrative of Putin as the saviour of Russia. If Putin was the heroic cause of Russia’s recovery since 1998, then there must have been a Putin in … Continue reading

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Schools of the Future, from The Utopia Series

The following excerpt is from “Schools of the Future” , an article from a project called The Utopia Series. It was originally published at the Philosopher’s Mail website, a news outlet of The School of Life, London. (via Isegoria) The … Continue reading

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What Must We Do to Escape the Skankstream Cathedral?

The Cathedral — The self-organizing consensus of Progressives and Progressive ideology represented by the universities, the media, and the civil service. A term coined by blogger Mencius Moldbug. The Cathedral has no central administrator, but represents a consensus acting as … Continue reading

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Nation in Despair

Russians, especially those stuck in withering villages, seem intent on drinking themselves into nonexistence, pouring spirits down their throats so systematically, and in such reliably lethal quantities, that their behavior provides a scientific definition of despair. _NYT Escape into alcoholic … Continue reading

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Past, Present, Future: Our Hidden Puppet Strings

We move through our present lives largely unaware of how strongly we are affected and controlled by our subconscious images of past and future. Imaginations of the future and memories of the past can affect us in the present in … Continue reading

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